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    Burning VCD with Toast 7

    Thanx very much for your prompt reply. I want to share the movie with some of my friends who own stand-alone VCD Players for viewing the film on TV set. One of my friend has downloaded the film from handycam to his Windows PC and burned VCD using Nero, and the image quality he got is same as of the Camera (as seen on TV). If an ordinary Windows PC can do it, why is iMac's result so disappointing? shall be grateful if you can guide me further on this topic.
  2. mittalrk65

    Burning VCD with Toast 7

    I am new enthusiat eager to edit my home movies shot with a miniDV Hanycam. For this I have recently purchased a 17" imac which has iMovieHD. I just installed Toast 7 Titanium. Kindly let me know the following: a) In which format the movie is to be imported in iMovie Project (DV etc.) In the iMovie export option, whether Toast7 can be shown? If yes, how? c) In which format the iMovie Project is ti be compressed for making a VCD (DV, QuickTime, .mov, MPEG4 etc)? In short, kindly let me know the best procedure for burning VCD & DVD using iMovieHD with Toast 7.