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    Multiple Styles per Show - PhotoShow 6

    I Agree! A photoshow without multiple transitions is useless. Ye, but, is there another way since it has alway been there in versions 4 and 5. Why take it out. It doesn't make sense to publish a newer program with less capabilities than the old. Usually newer release will give all the old featues plus, or improvements to old features. yes, but only with different photoshows. I can't edit a photoshow 6 with photoshow 5. Yes, what a shame. To publish a program that is inferior to an older program.
  2. In PhotoShow 5 I was able to change the styles or transition for one or more slides. This took the monotony of seeing the same transition or style for the entire show. In Phoshow 6 this feature seems to have been removed. How can I change the styles to just one or a group of slides?