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    sound but no image........ easy? vhs to dvd

    Scroll down and have a look at 'black and white and no signal' you may have the same problem that I had. Chris
  2. CHRISpm

    Black and white and no signal

    Hurrah ! and thank you Digital Guru. I have purchased the cable you suggested 'HAMA three phone to SCART switchable cable' and the product now works with image signal and in colour. It is only composite RCA and not S-Video so am unable to compare the two for quality but it now works and I can start work on my videos. Thanks again, Chris
  3. CHRISpm

    Black and white and no signal

    Although I have packaged up my Roxio device for return I have sent for the scart cable you suggest and will try that first. Many thanks indeed for replying. Chris
  4. CHRISpm

    Black and white and no signal

    Thanks very much for your advice and comments. All helpful, however I have spent so much time trying to make this work I have decided to send it back. Thanks again, Chris
  5. I have installed VHS to DVD from disc correctly and downloaded the update on to my Imac. On first booting up I get five seconds of picture on the screen and then blank with the message 'no signal' so I am unable to see what I am recording. Strangely enough it is recording but in black and white which I can retrieve but this is obviously no good. My local computer 'expert' suggests that I should use the supplied software to select PAL but there is no mention of this on the software. I am using a short length of extension S-video cable but am told this should not affect the issue. My problems are therefore two fold. The transfer is in black and white and no picture while downloading. If I can't get help with this back it goes. Can anyone kindly help?