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    Roxio vs Elgato

    I just stumbled across Elgato Video Capture bundle. I watched several video tutorials on-line and noticed that Elgato Video Capture software looks amazingly similar to Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD software. On the surface, the only difference that I can tell between the two applications is the price. Elgato is $99.99 and Roxio is $59.99. Can anyone compare/contrast the two applications and justify the $40.00 difference. Thanks.
  2. engineerjoel

    Do i have to burn a DVD?

    Hey tsantee, Thanks for the reply. Though, I still just a bit confused....so to clarify. Are you saying that "...after the capture is complete...", yes, I can just save the MPEG 2 video file to my harddrive and then import it into iMovie at a later date? Thanks,
  3. engineerjoel

    Do i have to burn a DVD?

    I don't not yet own Easy VHS to DVD. But, I do have a question. After the transferring the VHS movie into the computer, I noticed that there are three options. A)Send To TOAST B)EDIT With IMOVIE C) Send To QuickTime Player. My question.....is it possible just to save the movie as a file directly on the HardDrive? I'd like to be able to NOT have to commit to either: "A" "B" or "C" at that moment. But rather just be able to save the movie as file and come back at a later date to Edit and clean up the project in whatever Movie editor I'd choose and then burn or DVD or just upload it on say YouTube/MySpace/ wherever. Thanks,