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    Special Characters In Filenames

    Just tried exactly same folder in Nero and it worked perfectly without complaint. For those that are interested, the "illegal" character for Roxio was the ampersand "&" - made smile just like going back Windows 3.1 or maybe I'm thinking of DOS!
  2. Anyone any easy fix (other than identifying and renaming all the files with illegal characters for Roxio) to get over the stupid limitation in the characters used in filenames that get rejected during Burn Process in Roxio NXT2?
  3. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    Agreed, apparently, from the above responses, the OP has no idea what CPU stock speed is, what a program that catalogs files is and others. ​​​I can't help but wonder how insulting OP so perhaps you could explain. Those terms mean nothing to me. Apparently reading is not a strong point either. Posting outside a quote is important. Don't post inside a quote; it may be missed. ​​​Fair comment - didn't realise that so thank you! That was not meant to be condescending; it was just a caution. You are the only one that reported that issue. Be honest, did it work? ​​​My PC runs pretty lean and mean, and boot time is fine. I use WINPATROL and MSCONFIG to check my Startup regularly as too many programs sneak things into it without warning you. Quote regarding "Winpatrol" This security software is certainly not for the novice computer user. ​​​I completely agree but it does a bloody good job! Remember we have posters who can barely turn on a computer to those who know everything (the worst kind). Even if you knew that you didn't need it, someone in the future may. Remember this is a forum for users and not Technical Support. With all your pull, you should be able to get free advice from Roxio Tech Support (or be able to afford it).​​​Roxio Support are less than helpful or seemingly interested or capable of assisting. Are you having any luck with a solution to the original issue?​​​None whatsoever, OPENS and SAVES still take an unexplainable time, and I still can't see what Roxio is doing while it's doing nothing! ​​​Don't worry about this issue, just close it and I'll seek a solution somewhere or fix it myself. I won't be beaten by stupid software, there has to be an explanation, even if it is something I'm doing, I really don't care.
  4. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    Please don't treat me like an idiot, there is a difference between PASTE and ATTACH as you well know!
  5. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    I would paste something here to show you what I changed but I have absolutely no idea how to paste anything in this forum that isn't text!
  6. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    Wow I tried that Soluto thing to see if it was any better than what I use, and the first thing it did was hijack my system logon userinit.exe and change it to Soluto.exe then when I uninstalled it, it didn't put it back to userinit.exe. Pile of pooh and untrustworthy!
  7. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    My Computer was built over clocked!
  8. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    To Skins:- What other processes (not programs) are running. Many different. Do you have anything that is cataloging your files? No idea what this means! Is your antivirus scanning everything being written to you hard drive? No Are you writing to reading from a secondary (not system) hard drive - internal or external. I have the Roxio files on differing HDD and SSD to my main Photos and Movies to avoid HDD conflicts. They are all internal. Look at the processes in Media Manager to see what processes are using more than a minimum amount of CPU time? But it's not CPU time that is the problem, Roxio gets 100% of one of my CPUs and other programs/processes use a small amount of others. The only time I saw any significant use of CPU was after I had cleared my Proxy Files, and VideoWaveProxyManager used the same 100% of another CPU while VideoWave itself used 100% of another CPU. For the final 4 or 5 minutes of a SAVE Production, Roxio burns 100% of a single CPU, and does no HDD, SSD, Network activity.
  9. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    I don't know what you mean by "stock clock speed"?
  10. psmallri

    Duration Of Save Production In Videowave

    OK, on suggestion from someone I have repeated the above having Cleared Out My Proxy Files (I should add they were aimed at my SSD to avoid conflicts with all the other file locations used in Roxio):- OPEN took same, 16:47 to 16:51 and I have to admit from seeing what it does I guess it is acceptable. It did start a new VideWaveProxyManager at OPEN time, which alongside VW taking 100% of one CPU also took 100% of one CPU! SAVE took about same, 16:51, completed writes to .DMSM at 16:53, with complete SAVE completed at 16:57 but slightly longer may have been due to other things going on the system. I know "other things" can impact on duration, but the final part of the SAVE is only using 100% CPU so shouldn't be any conflict as I have 4 CPUs.
  11. For some time I've been concerned by how long it takes to both OPEN and SAVE Productions in Videowave, so have done some detailed analysis. OPEN Production of 80 x Images (JPG), 2 x MOV and 20 x MTS creating Roxio Movie of 13 minutes duration Started at 16:13 Videowave almost immediately took 100% of one of my CPU's Reads JPGs Completed at 16:15 Videowave still using 100% Reads MOV and MTS Reads Music OPEN completed at 16:17 so taking around 4 minutes Make some changes, doesn't matter what (unless someone wants to convince me otherwise) SAVE Production (no deletions or additions) Started at 16:24 Writes to .DAT file CPU at 100% Writes to .DMSM Completed at 16:25 VW continues at 100% CPU No Disk activity No Network activity 100% CPU Usage SAVE Completed at 16:30 Question, what is Videowave doing for the last 5 or six minutes after it seems to have done what it needs? If anyone wants to throw this at Roxio Support, feel free. Regards
  12. psmallri

    Videowave Deletes Existing Mpg

    OK so let's be perfectly clear here - I have not made a mistake! In VideoWave I have a Project with all my Images, Transitions and Movies - are you suggesting I do an extra save of that Project, as it already takes forever to save it with Roxio largely doing nothing (despite what may have been suggested elsewhere saying Roxio has many things to do, which I agree with but I can't see it doing anything to anything in my Resource Monitor, no file access, no network access, just takes over 100% of one of my CPU's in Videowave). Anyway, so now I have my Project, already saved as xxx.dmsm eventually. Now I press the DVD looking thing to "Export As" and fill in the blanks, and choose to create an MPG (in a different directory to my Roxio Project) with the same name as I already have. It says it already exists and asks if I want it to overwrite it, to which I say OK, like I do in every other Windows application. Roxio goes away and starts creating the MPG file I chose to have created, but then I realise there were some other errors which I wanted to address but haven't noted where they were, so want to look at the MPG file so I can fix them so click on "abort" to stop the "Export As". IT HAS DISAPPEARED even though it was previously safely in place from the last successful "Export As". It's either an application BUG, or very very poorly designed piece of Software, and it's not my mistake!!!
  13. psmallri

    Videowave Deletes Existing Mpg

    Anyway this is going so far off topic I bet it gets closed soon!
  14. psmallri

    Videowave Deletes Existing Mpg

    Why would I want to spend $20,000 on a CAD/CAM application when all I'm trying to do is create some DVD's from my holidays snaps! I'm not trying to design a Space Shuttle - stupid suggestion! So does Notepad? Now that's a really modern piece of software, and I don't understand how you could prove that it does as it's a bit tricky to interrupt it when saving as it's so quick! To simply delete the existing file when doing the equivalent of a SAVE AS and then not bothering to put in the RECYCLE BIN is a totally bonkers design! If you're convinced other software does exactly the same as BONKIO, sorry Roxio, then please let me know what as I have access to all sorts and will happily test your theory and admit defeat!