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  1. I am a Mac Roxio user thinking of upgrading from a Tivo HD XL to a Tivo Premiere XL. Will the Roxio software work in the same fashion? Are transfer speeds expected to be any faster? thank you
  2. Hi, I am using Snow Leopard and Tivo Transfer Beta 4 and have a Tivo XL HD. 1. When I start Tivo Transfer after a minute or two it will see the Tivo, and it will see all the shows. 2. I will select some and start transferring them. 3. After about 5ish minutes the list of files (the playlist) of the Tivo will disappear and become blank. 4. After the first file is transferred, it stops transferring any of the other files I selected. So basically I can only transfer one file at a time. Is there any fix for this? Thank you.
  3. dimensia

    Tivo Transfer Speeds

    Hi, is there any way to make the Tivo Transfer transfer files faster? It takes several hours to transfer a single hour-long HD episode over my local LAN. Also, it would be nice if there was an option with "Delete" that would delete the video not only on the local computer but also remotely on the Tivo. My most common workflow is that I pull a TV show off the Tivo and watch it on my computer and then am done with the TV show. Anyway, I love this service. I watch my Tivo on my computer more than I do on my TV.