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    upload to face book photoshow

    I lke that I can upload to facebook . that was neat
  2. October 7th ,Cannot burn NEW photoshows. I started getting a "failed to burn" error message at the very END of the process of burning ,when attempting to burn to DVD-R a photoshow under windows Vista home premium edition. I can copy a DVD-R from an existing DVD-r so it is not the burner. Did uninstal reinstall- no change; Maybe,it has something to do with "quick time" bcs I updated quick time due to an other error message I got when downloading a MOVIE?? The error started with an error message that came up during "save photoshow" that had to do with a "script error" in the show. Attempted toI submitted the error with support. ANY help appreciated. idea --have the software do a prelim "test burn" at the beginning so the person does not have to wait to the very end to find out it "failed to burn"