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    Video Uploading

    To all! Thanks for having tried to help me with the uploading of video clips. I got in touch with Corel, which seems to be in charges of support for Photoshow/Roxio? I got pretty confused with all the emails/phone calls and advices I received. However, I retried to upload again and was successful to upload an avi clip to a test photoshow using XP and Windows 8. I tried Windows 7 but it told me that I should download the latest Adobe Flash Player, which I did and this resulted in installing many malwares on my wife PC but not the right Flash Player. I gave up and will retry soon! I do not have the time or a need to investigate uploading video clips any further, so I will wait until I have a need and try again at that time. Thanks for your concerns and help, Jacques d'Ixelles
  2. Jacques Rene

    Video Uploading

    Hi! I have been a photoshow user for about 10 years and I have currently 108 photoshows online. I use to be able to upload small video clips to my photoshows but I am unable to do so now. My video clips meet the posted requirements of size and format and I am very frustrated that I cannot do things that I was able to do previously. Could you explain to me what to do to be able to upload video clips with my photoshows. I have in the past few days been charged $40 for my premium subscriptions.and I expect the site to work! Your cooperation in this matter will be much appreciated, Jacques Rene
  3. Jacques Rene

    downloading problem

    While downloading a photoshow from online version 6, one of my videos crashes because of a adpcm2wav.exe problem. Does anybody have any ideas how I can remedied this problem and what it means. Jacques
  4. Jacques Rene

    Open Message From PhotoShow Team

    Open Message to the Photoshow Team, We are glad that Roxio is enhancing Photoshow 6 and we appreciate all the new features that have been added. I have used many of the new features and they have allowed me to make better photoshows. However, in the process many of us have encountered problems in that the program won't let their DVD players burn the video. Most of us have working PC's with no problems but when it comes to burning DVDs with Photoshow, we encounter various problems which won't allow us to record our work. Many of us have posted messages on this subject on the Forum with apparently no response from Roxio. This is pretty frustrating to us and we wonder what is going on. One would think that Roxio would be working on some utilities to figure out why some customers cannot record some of their work on a DVD. I hope that soon, the main reason for all these problems will be resolved and that we can go back to making slideshows. Your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated, Jacques
  5. Jacques Rene

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Yvette, I just read all your posts about your problems with Roxio Photoshows. I wonder why Roxio does not put their best engineer on these problems, instead of letting us swim and sink. I do have one question for you. Can you play the exported file? Have a nice WE, Jacques ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Jacques Rene

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    Dear Digital Guru, I am happy that someone is reading these OP because Roxio does not seem to be able to fix the Cannot burned DVD problem. I have about 40 videos posted on Roxio Photoshows online. I have tried a few of my videos and I have no problem burning them or exporting them. However, my last video(made with Photoshow 6), is quite complex with 13 sound tracks and 206 photos and was quite a challenge to create. Quite a few times an error message appeared which told me of SCRIPT problems and asked me if I wanted to continue which I did and I was able with great difficulty to finish my video. The problem I have, is the same as mentioned in other OP’s. It seems that whenever there are scripts problems one find himself unable to Burn a DVD or to Export the video. I have order a DVD from Roxio and we will see if they can burn the video? I was able to download an mpeg4 file of my video but the quality is not good enough for showing to guests. I hope that this blip makes my problem more understandable. Reading ChrisAtHome OP’s should also shine some light on this problem. Jacques Rene PS: A Toast to the Digital Guru
  7. Jacques Rene

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    I spoke to Daniel at Roxio and here is what he told me to do, just before he hanged up! I hope that you can make more sense of this that I can. Especially in view of the fact that I have no trouble burning in others of my photoshow videos Daniel: Please try the steps below for help with this issue. 1.) Update to the latest version of Direct X from the Microsoft website below. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/179113 2.) Update your video drivers. (this is important) To find out what video device you need to update you can click on start, run, and type "dxdiag" and press enter. Click the display tab at the top of that window and that will tell you the manufacturer of your video device. You can then go to the manufacturers website or your PC manufacturers site to update the driver. 3.) Disable startup items: a. Press the Windows Key and R on your keyboard b. Type "msconfig" and click on the "OK" button or press the "Enter" key. c. Select the "Startup" tab over on the right side. d. Write down which items are checked, and then click on the "Disable All" button in the lower right corner of the screen. e. Click on the "Apply" button and then click on "OK". f. Click "YES" to restart the computer. g. When you reach the Desktop, you may receive a message saying "you have used the "System Configuration Utility" to make changes to your system....", you get this message, simply place a checkmark in a box on the lower left side titled, "Do not show me this message again" and click on the "OK" button. NOTE: To reverse these changes, follow steps a to c, and then place the checkmarks back in the boxes based on the notes you made. For optimal performance, only Anti-Virus or Firewall software should be enabled. (for this test all should be disabled) Daniel: Follow those directions and if you have any problems or questions then come back to chat. Daniel: Thank you for choosing Roxio. Daniel left the chat. Your chat has ended. Thank you for speaking with us.
  8. Jacques Rene

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    The solution to the fail to burn problem posted by ChrisAtHome is probably valuable but not practical for my case which is similar to the one posted by ChrisAtHome. It seems that the fail to burn is related to scrip problems in the video. This does not prevent the video from playing online/offline but it prevents the video from being burned to a DVD. ChrisAtHome’s solution is not practical, because I spent more than a week assembling my video, which has 13 songs and 206 photos. Is there any other way to fix the scrip error problem besides starting all over? What do the gurus at Roxio have to say about this problem?