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  1. One of the users here suggested I start a new thread as the one I was posting in was 2 years old. I'm running Windows 10 (with most recent updates) and Roxio Creator NXT 6 (also with most recent updates). I'm experiencing distorted audio when adding a lengthy video in Videowave. The audio in the video I'm adding is clean as it plays perfectly via several other media players. Length of the video is 1 1/2 hours long in 3 segments as the maximum file size is 4gig which came directly off my camera in mp4 format. I am attempting to stitch together the 3 segments into one file. Upon doing so.....and even before creating a single file from it, the distortion in the audio gets progressively worse. So bad, that by the time I'm at the end of the 1 1/2 hours, the audio is unintelligible. I can actually hear some distortion at the end of the first segment. I have opened a problem ticket with Roxio and so far all they had me do is uninstall NXT 6 (they sent me specific procedures of how to uninstall which included manually renaming folders with a .OLD suffix as the uninstall process does not clean everything up). They also had me download a new install of NXT 6 rather than using the CD that came with NXT 6. Upon doing so, I also had to apply SP1 and SP2 updates. Everything installed successfully. No errors. So, I tried it again but the audio remains distorted. SInce it usually takes at least 24 hours before Roxio support replies to my inquiries, I decided to try an experiment and do the same thing on an old PC I have that runs Windows XP and Easy Media Creator 10. Success. No audio distortion. In the 2 year old thread, other users have reported the same problem but no solutions. Since my experiment using WIndows XP and EMC 10 was successful, this tell me that either Windows 10 or NXT 6 or the combination of both is causing the distortion. Has anyone else experienced this and have you found any solutions? Thanks...EdK
  2. EdK

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    OK.. I;ll start a new thread.
  3. EdK

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Maybe.... but with several other people experiencing the same thing (and who knows how many more that don't know about or post in this forum) then we all must have the same 'feature'. I suspect it's a problem that Roxio needs to diagnose and correct.
  4. EdK

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone...but....it SHOULD be helpful to Roxio. I am experiencing the same distorted audio issue and have opened a trouble ticket with Roxio. I'm running Windows 10 and NXT 6 Out of curiosity, I decided to try the same function on an OLD Dell Optiplex system I have that runs Windows XP and Easy Media Creator 10. I get no audio distortion at all. Clearly this tells me the problem is with NXT 6 or Windows 10 or a combination of both. Ed
  5. EdK

    Upgrading From Emc10?

    Hello, I am currently running EMC10 and would like to know what the current Creator product is that is the equivalent of EMC10. Is there an upgrade path or would it require a new purchase? Thanks! Ed
  6. Hello! I hope someone can help me here. I've searched this forum to see if anyone else had a need to do what I'm looking for but I didn't find anything but then again, I'm not entirely sure what to look for either. I have a large video file (2 hours long) and I would like to extract specific portions of it by specifying the exact start and stop time of the pieces I wish to keep and I would like to create individual files from each of those pieces. The only way I know of doing this is by using the Videowave editor and using the "trim" function (one piece at a time) and then create a file by using the "output as" function. However, for each piece I wish to keep I have to load the entire 2 hour long video each time using the "add" function. Is there a way to simply load the entire 2 hour long video one time and then create some sort of script where I can specify the start/stop time of each clip I want to keep and create a file for each clip? For example: I wish to extract (by timestamp) 00:02:30 through 00:03:00 and 00:05:10 through 00:05:25 and 01:55:10 through 01:56:13, etc. and at the same time create a new individual video file for each piece. I have more than 50 of these to do. I hope I explained this properly. Thanks for any help you can provide! Ed
  7. I tried using an external mic on my camcorder but there's still no way to defeat the automatic volume level. I've been doing what you suggested....recording the audio with my Tascam digital audio recorder then putting it on the music track in Videowave. It just a pain to have to drag another piece of gear along. Thanks for your help/insight. Much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the info!! I played my camcorder into my HD TV but my TV does not have a Firewire connection. Only the standard RCA video/audio connections, component connections and HDMI. My camera has an S-Video connector but the TV does not. When I played the tape via the standard video connectors, althought the entire screen was filled with the image, it was stretched horizontally. I was looking at page 29 of my camera's manual https://docs.sony.com/release/DCRTRV203.PDF and if I'm interpreting it correctly, it looks like a 11:9 image will display properly via an S-Video connection. It also talks about a ID-1/ID-2 connection but I have no idea what an ID1/ID2 connection is and the book doesn't explain it. I need to find my S-Video cable and connect my camera it to my DVD/VHS machine and route the image to my TV that way as my DVD/VHS machine is connected to my TV via HDMI and see what happens since the TV does not have an S-Video connector. However, in Videowave, I found an option called "aspect ratio handling" when I right click on the captured video in the timeline. I tried that to see what would happen and it appears to take the 4:3 image and zoom in to fill the 11:9 window. Of course it crops the top and bottom and there's a little bit of loss in the quality of the image but the image is not stretched horizontally which looks far worse in my opinion. If that's the only way I can fill a 11:9 window with a 4:3 image, I can live with that because what is cropped at the top and bottom is not critical. In the end...I guess it's time for a new camcorder? I've been looking around a bit at them over the past few weeks anyway but can't find exactly what I'm looking for..which is...a consumer level camcorder where the automatic volume level control can be turned off. The only ones I can seem to find are professional level camcorders which are way out of my budget. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. Ed
  9. Hello!, I hope someone can help me out here. I have an older Sony camcorder model DCR-TRV310. I recorded video using it's widescreen format option. I also have EMC10. When I try to capture/import the video into EMC10, I start a new Videowave production in 16:9 format. A blank window appears in 16:9 format. Then I select capture/import, an option to select the format to capture (I am selecting DV AVI). Immediately below that the following information appears- AVI DV format. DV 720x480 29.97 fps. I am capturing using Firewire. Upon doing so, the image from the camcorder appears however when I view the video in Videowave, there are black bars on the left and right side. I then start the capture and the image being captured is shows on the screen however that image appears to be in 4:3 format (including the window that's it's being displayed in). I then stop the capture and play it back using Videowave and there are black bars on the left and right side of the image. The actual image is not squeezed (where people appear to be much skinnier than they are). It looks normal. I then started the process all over again but this time I selected 4:3 for the Videowave production. A blank window appears in 4:3 format. I go through the same process to capture the video from the camcorder. This time when playing it back, there are no black bars in when playing it back but the "window" it's being displayed in is in 4:3 format as I suspected it would be. The actual video image that was captured again looks normal (not squeezed). In both situations, no part of the video image was cropped.or streched. Both are identical. As another experiment, I captured the video using Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker has an option to set 16:9 or 4:3 format. I tried it both ways and again there is no difference in the actual image but both appear to be in 4:3 format (no streching or squeezing) but no black bars. I then added the video captured by Windows Movie Maker in Videowave in both 16:9 and 4:3 productions. The actual video images were identical with the only difference being the "window" in Videowave that the image is being displayed in appears to be in 16:9 format (with black bars on both side of the image) and 4:3 format (with no black bars). The reason I ask is.... I am going to be creating a production from 2 camera shoot and editing them together. The second camera (which is not mine) is much newer....only a year old and of course a lot of technology has changed between my older camera (circa early 1990's) and the other camera. I don't want my final product that I'm going to create to be switching between an image that does not contain any black bars and one that does. I want both to be in 16:9 format. I don't understand what is going on here. Can someone please explain and help me out please? Thanks! Ed
  10. Hello! I'm using Roxio Easy Media Creator 10. I have 4 (1 hour long) video files in AVI format that I saved on my computer. Most of the footage from all 4 will not be used. I would like to create many small 10-15 second clips from all 4 video files so that I can later pick an choose which clips I want to keep and create a short 7-9 minute demo from those clips. My question is, what is the best method of saving each of the 10-15 second clips in the best quality possible when choosing "Output As". There are so many different formats available I don't know which to choose. When I'm ready to create my final 7-9 minute "compilation" demo, I want to make sure that I'm not selecting a previously compressed clip and compressing it futher when creating the compilation. In other words, I simply want to eliminate unwanted video from my original 4 video files but keep the same quality as it was when I first saved them on my computer. Can anyone help me with the best way to do this? Thanks! Ed
  11. Hello, I have Easy Media Creator 10 Suite (purchased retail version with valid license) and I am trying to apply Service Pack 2 and the Web Video Capture patch that I obtained from http://www.roxio.com...re_updates.html In both cases, I receive the following error message- SOFTWARE NOT FOUND Roxio Creator 2010 could not be located on your system. Re-install Roxio Creator 2010 and run this patch again. I have uninstalled and re-installed (and re-booted by system in between each) and have even turned off my anti-virus and firewall but continue to received this error. I cannot find any information in this forum or the knowledge base or the support site concerning this error. The following information is displayed under "About this software" Build: 100B44B, R03 Serial Number: xx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 4.2.58a, 16 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Core Version: 3.6.0 Build: 360B77B, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Tools Version: 3.6.0 Build: 360B19B, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Data Version: 3.6.0 Build: 360B21A, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Copy Version: 3.6.0 Build: 360B22A, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Audio Version: 3.6.0 Build: 360B30A, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Disc Gallery Version: 3.1 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 My computer is a Dell Optiplex with 4 gig of memory running Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3 and I have all the latest updates and drivers applied from Microsoft and all other software/hardware installed on my system. Can anyone shed some light on this problem ? Thank you! Ed
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    Editing audio

    Oh I see. THANK YOU!!! Ed
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    Editing audio

    Thanks!! Now how do I put it back?? Ed
  14. Hello! I need to edit the audio that is contained in my video. The only options available in EMC10 are fadein/fadeout, adjusting the overall volume level and EQ. I would like to add reverb and a couple other effects that EMC10 does not have builtin. I have separate audio editing to do this but my question is....how to I extract the audio from the video, process it using my audio editing software and then replace the original audio on the video with my edited audio. Thanks for your help! Ed