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    Insert blank disc "error"

    My system is XP Pro My optical device is a NEC DVD+RW. Discs are: TDK CD-R TDK DVD-R Sony DVD-R Sony DVD+RW Hp DVD+R Sonic Record Now! burned an audio file the first time and wanted a blank disc the next 3 times. RealPlayer Burned an audio file. Window Media Player would not burn a CD. All three programs wanted a blank disc with all the DVDs. In the past, I have burned Sony DVD+RWs. Is my optical device gimpy?
  2. My blank CD-R, DVD+RW & DVD-R are almost always rejected. Roxio recognizes their type (DVD+R, 4.4 GB free). Then it says, “Insert blank disc.” Why? What can I do? After many attempts, I can occasionally write to a DVD+RW and a CD-R. My optical drive is DVD+RW. I have two computers that respond the same to four different types of premium discs. One computer has Roxio Creator DE and the other has Sonic Record Now! The discs have never been used.