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    I got it to work! After lots of playing around the following seemed to to the trick. All I did was 'install' Popcorn 4. Now I don't have a license for Popcorn 4 (I only have one for 3) but although I cannot run Popcorn 4 it did update my Toast Video player to Ver 3.0 (from Ver 1.0 that came with Popcorn 3) I then started my Tivo Beta 4 and clicked play on the show I wanted. Hope it works for you!
  2. Gorby

    No Audio

    Same problem here. Snow Leopard. Tivo HD. Downloaded Popcorn 3.0.4 update which has Toast Video Player 1.0. I also have the downloaded Tivo Transfer for Popcorn BETA4a. Anyone have any idea?