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    No Drives Detected

    I used 4. This allowed me to see the drive with the Roxio Software, however Auto Play will not work. I tried a number of things as prescribed by Microsoft. To no avail. I had DELL send me another DVD drive. It is behaving even more strangely. It will still not Auto Play and slows my system down considerable when there is a first placed in the drive. It will eventually open the dive in explorer and that's it. So I tried running 3 with this drive. No difference. I guess I will put the original drive back in...
  2. I can't DVD's to AutoPlay. I have tried the MS fix. I have tried the properties setting on the drive. Nothing is working... Any Ideas?
  3. EMarioC

    No Backgrond - Loop Video

    Thank you Walt! Just what I needed!
  4. I would like to know how I can make a DVD that does not have a themed menu. I just want the video to loop and play over and over. This will be used in a showroom. Thank you to any and all for your advise!
  5. EMarioC

    No Drives Detected

    Thank you that worked!
  6. When I launch MY DVD 10 - It says No Drive Detected.