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    Toast Takes Forever To Encode A Movie?

    I'm on 11.1. Will dump the 11 because it's crap. Fred
  2. freddyp

    Toast Takes Forever To Encode A Movie?

    OK here's a simple question: In Toast 10.8 a TS video is burned in say 8 minutes. In toast 11 it takes 28 minutes. What's up? Fred
  3. I've complained numerous times about auto capture and itunes after I loaded snow leopard. No one at Roxio seems to listen and people in this forum suggest workarounds which don't solve the fundamental problem and let Roxio off the hook!
  4. freddyp

    Hello Roxio?

    Is anybody at Roxio working on the Auto Capture problems mentioned previously? Web tickets don't get any response. All we have are workarounds from the users, where is Roxio?! Fred
  5. freddyp

    Toast 10.0.4 CD Spin Doctor 6.1.1 Not Launching

    I may have stumbled on one clue for the problems with CDSD: When the app opens and you try to record using "start new recording" the "sound out" preference in the MAC is sometimes switched to CDSD Capture support and sometimes not. If not, you must manually switch it. If CDSD crashes it's left where it was. To be certain the capture works, you must watch the MAC system sound preferences and make sure its set to CDSD Capture Support. If you try this with Auto Capture you get a recording but the level is so high it is overdriving the speakers. Fred
  6. freddyp

    Toast 10.0.4 CD Spin Doctor 6.1.1 Not Launching

    I was trying to capture from Pandora radio. It's the auto capture that fails. It seems to capture, then sometimes does nothing when capture is complete or shows you a waveform to define a track and when you try to send it to ITunes it vanishes into a black hole somewhere. Auto capture should capture, define tracks, then send to ITunes automatically. I suspect they messed it up when they "fixed" the kext error problem with Snow Leopard. The kext problem is gone but so is auto capture! Fred
  7. freddyp

    CD Spin Doctor export problems to iTunes

    After three trouble tix I got no answer from Roxio and the tix were closed. The last one referred to the previous two and was closed without any answer or advice. Maybe a trouble report from you and others will get their attention. I'm monitoring this site and waiting for new releases of Toast (10.0.4 apparently fixes BD stuff, not CDSD). Fred
  8. freddyp

    Toast 10.0.4 CD Spin Doctor 6.1.1 Not Launching

    Since I have gotten this same message with 10.0.3 and CDSD 6.1.1, I don't think this is a 10.0.4 problem. CDSD 6.1.1 is really messed up in Toast 10.0.4 using MAC OS 10.6.1. Try launching Toast and opening CDSD from the Extras menu. Caution: The Auto Capture is a mess. I can't get Roxio to tell me anything about a fix or a workaround despite three trouble tix.
  9. freddyp

    CD Spin Doctor export problems to iTunes

    I have the same problem and reported it to Roxio with no results yet. CDSD definitely does not work the way it used to in 10.0. I can auto capture (sometimes even this does not work at all) then I get a waveform to define tracks, which I do, then I tell it to send it to ITunes. I get the windows (very quickly) that say it's being sent, ITunes does show that it was opened (in the dock) but nothing gets there and the waveform is nowhere to be found! This is not the way it should be working, Roxio must have messed up when it tried to fix the kernal extension problem with CDSD 6.1.1. FYI: I can send tracks to ITunes if they are created via the "start new recording" button, so the CDSD must have a bug. Fred