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  1. Kenny Mike

    Lp To Mp3 Gracenote Tagging Tool Not Working...

    Hi Brendon, I'm still working on trying to resolve this issue and you seem to be the go-to guy here... I saw a dialog you had with All4Cinema under a subject titled Music Recognition back in 2016. You shared some screen captures where the Music ID tags worked for you. I'm curious... were you using NXT5 at the time? The tags used to work when I had Creator 2012 loaded and I'm ready to throw $20 on a sealed copy on eBay if it means getting that functionality working again!?! Or if you were using NXT5 for your screen captures... do you think All4Cinema and I could have some sort of security settings that are getting in the way?
  2. I submitted this issue to technical support back in February. Here's the last reply I received: Hello Livepsn8ly, Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support. I completely understand where you are coming from. Regarding your concern, although the issue has already been reported to the Engineering department, we still have no information as to when a fix will be released. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Criselda Corel Technical Support Services Does anyone monitoring this forum have more information on this issue? The recording from LP to MP3 is excellent... but after adding my track breaks and using the auto-tag tool... NXT5 does not play nicely with Gracenote!?! Two track get recognised incorrectly and all others declare "No Match". Please find attached what was returned for Jonathan Edwards - Rocking Chair.
  3. Kenny Mike

    Capture from option missing...

    My Bad... the radical static was because I switched the AC adapter on the phono pre-amp unit I'm using... I'm almost good to go... I just need to find a proper ground to get rid of the minor his I'm getting... Sorry for the crazy posts... the stock market is also messing with my head!
  4. Kenny Mike

    Capture from option missing...

    OK... now it is going to look like I'm talking to myself... and I am... I found a 'roll back to old driver' option... did that... and now Roxio recognizes the USB 2861 Capture Device... but... the auto tool appears to be adjusting the levels... but on playback all that is going into my laptop is an extremely loud buzzing sound and no music... the $80 I spent on this software is really starting to look cheap when compared to the personal hours it is taking my to get it up and running!!! I had Roxio 7 on an old desktop and never had these problems... I'm on Vista Home Basic SP2 I got my C2009 SE at Sam's... it came with two discs... an installation DVD and the Roxio Video Capture USB CD
  5. I was having trouble earlier because I wasn't able to hear the LP as it recorded to my laptop but I was able to capture with either the video capture USB 2861 device or the input jack plugged into my microphone/line-in jack. Trying to resolve my 'hearing while recording' problem, I went online and bought DriverScanner from UniBlue. The tool found 5 old drivers and I let it do the update. Now when I go into the LP and Tape assistant the 'Capture from' drop-down doesn't see the USB device although my laptop knows it is there and "working properly". If I revert back to the mic/line jack, the sound clips off the charts and the auto tool does not do any adjustments... it opens and shows progress 0% and then just flicks off. I went into the knowledge base and found history of the problem and the fix was a new driver for the Video Capture USB... I've installed the driver and still no luck... hope one of you Gurus can give me some advice. Thank you, Ken
  6. Kenny Mike

    Missing Audio

    Thanks for the suggestion Stan... just checked and all of mine are on... I'll accept what one of the "gurus" said... that sometime laptop sound cards work that way... now I have a new problem... new post on the way.
  7. Kenny Mike

    Missing Audio

    When I go under Control Panel - Sound - Recording... I see Microphone / Line In... you say tomato, I say tomato... as the LP spins I'm watching these sound bars pulse... sound is going into the laptop. Someone sent me a PM that they moved my post... guess I posted in 2010 first... my bad again... unnecessary verbiage... I'm running 2009 SE. Yes... I can copy my LP but I can't hear it while it is recording... Am I getting any better at explaining myself?
  8. Kenny Mike

    Missing Audio

    Thank you for your reply... I referenced the graphic you sent via the help tool prior to posting. I'm using the Digitize LPs and Tapes app... my turntable is jacked into a preamp with no speakers connected... the preamp is jacked into the line in... my cheap laptop add-on speakers are hooked into a USB port because that's what they have as a connection device. After the wave file is created I can listen to the new .wav file just fine... I've double checked all the speakers and they are enabled as per the link you sent... I actually referenced that post also prior to my post... I'm baffeled... this setup used to work on my desktop with a older version of Roxio. Sorry about posting in the wrong community... just in too much of a hurry I guess... my bad.
  9. Kenny Mike

    Missing Audio

    The turntable is jacked into the line in and the audio is being captured... I can listen to it AFTER I stop the recording. I can't hear it during the recording process though!?! I'm using Roxio 2009 on a Dell Vista laptop with speakers plugged into a USB.