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    Book Type Setting?

    I'm using Roxio Pro 2010. I created a Slideshow DVD with menu's, video's, etc. I"m using DVD+R DL disks. I first created a Roxio ISO so I can test it before I burn multiple copies. When I burned my first disk, I did not see any options to change the book type to DVDRom. I like to alway's burn my disks as DVDRom. Is there anyway within the Roxio software to change the booktype?
  2. Thanks for info and the advice. I didn't think about that. I'm still new to creating my own DVD's.
  3. Hi, I'm using MyDVD within Creator Pro 2010. I've been working on a Wedding DVD with almost 1300 pictures. It has music, and intro and of course menus. When I opened my saved project this morning, I got a message stating that I have more than 999 pictures in the slideshow and it needs to be corrected. My question is: Does the software really only limit a user to only up to 999 pictures or is that based off the blank DVD setting that is chosen? Right now the default is 4.7gb which of course I will be burning to a DL +R i'm trying to stay away from splitting the project between 2+ disks Thanks for any help.
  4. Axlman

    My DVD - Content files?

    Hi all, I have both EMC 10 and Creator 2010 Pro. The other night I was starting a project and was looking through some content and I found a few files I wanted to use, but it was late and didn't want to completly start the project. What I found were a couple of files that kind of look like the FBI Warning screens that are on Regular retail DVD's. Except these are not real FBI Warning screens. Today I've searched and searched for these files within all the Roxio programs folders and I can not find these files. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Does anyone know of these files I'm talking about? If so, where should these files be located? Thanks