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    Burn additional copies without encoding delay?

    Since there are no replies to my message or suggested alternatives, I guess I will have to move on to some other software.
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    MyDVD Menu audio

    I did it but I can only give you generalities as I am at work and not at my home computer. I selected an animated background from the ones that come with the project. It loops for 10 seconds. Like you, I replaced the audio with a clip that was about 30 seconds long. The sound loops with the animation so you only hear the first 10 seconds of it. I found a menu option that allowed you to customize or edit the background animation. It opened in a window similar to the video editing window. It showed the graphic and a timeline. I simply copied and pasted the existing graphic into enough blocks on the time line to cause it to be 30 seconds long. I saved this as a custom background. I then replaced the existing background with this custom one. When previewed it looped for 30 seconds. I then added my 30 second audio file to it. That's it in a nutshell. I am sorry that I don't have detailed step-by-step for you. Hopefully, it will be enough.
  3. Hi, I am a new user of MyDVD 10 Premiere. I have managed to burn a few DVDs and they have turned out ok. I have a need to do something that I hope someone has a solution for me whether it is this software or something else. I want to be able to produce a DVD fairly quickly. This DVD will have a set of videos on it that are the same every time. There will, however, be one chapter that is different or unique each time. I was hoping to build a project with the menus, videos that stay the same, etc. and just be able to "drop in" the short video segment that is unique and then burn the disk. So far, it appears that the program is going to encode all video clips each time and this takes quite a while. I am sorry if this is not clear. Building the project out and then saving as a disc image is not an option because of the one chapter that needs to change each time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Regards, Rick Pellicciotti