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    No Drives Detected

    Well, I feel stupid, for sure! I think. When I open up to Roxio Home, under the Most Frequent Tasks list is Data Disc. So, I guess that means that files are copied to a DVD, only! (That would make sense.) Okay, I will complete that simple Copy to CD another way. Thanks.
  2. laypsid

    No Drives Detected

    I read the thread but I am not sure if the recommended solution here applies to my issue. I just completed a reinstall of MyDVD 9 Premier today. All looks great; seemed great. But, I need some help here. I want to create a Data Disc. I selected the Add Data button to select the two files I want copied to a CD. Drive D is displayed as Destination Selection; my DVD/CD drive. I load a blank CD-R disc from a spindle which I have been using for some time on my PC. The window on the bottom left with the disc image says "No Disc". The blank CD is loaded, files have been added but it shows no disc! The drive opens with a message to "Please insert a blank or rewriteable CD or DVD (something very similar)". The drive works fine otherwise. I can play an audio CD or DVD. The issue is only in MyDVD. I did not have this issue previously. Any tips or suggestions?
  3. I have been using MyDVD 9 for some time with no issues. I purchased it as a download but I also bought the CDs as well. I recently uninstalled MyDVD 9 to help resolve some system issues with my Dell XPS with XP SP3. Today, I successfuly reinstalled MyDVD 9 and did a reboot after install as directed. As soon as my desktop appeared I got a window with the mesage..."Wait while Windows configures Roxio MyDVD 9 Studio Premier". Ok, so I waited. As the progress bar continued to build I then got a new message.."The resource you need is not available on the network. Please navigate to the location of Roxio MyDVD 9 Studio Premier.msi". I don't have that .msi file. I did a search in all of the Roxio folders and it isn't there. And, as soon as I open MyDVD 9, that window keeps displaying over and over and over until I shut it down with Task Manager. - Has anyone else had this problem? - Where can I obtain a copy of the .msi file? - If I do an install from the CD, will that problem be avoided? (I just ran the downloaded file to install today.) Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.