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  1. Here's my question: I'm in the process of putting together a computer "nature" screensaver that normally would be burned onto a CD, packaged and distributed. I would also like to produce a DVD version of the screensaver to attract people that don't own a computer but do have a DVD player attached to their TV. With Creator 9 is it possible to put a computer file and a DVD movie file on one disc that can be played on either a computer or a traditional set-top DVD player or do I need to burn both a CD and DVD? Thanks!
  2. tumacprod

    Can't export production

    You're the Best! Working just fine after video driver update. Thanks again Larry
  3. tumacprod

    Can't export production

    Thanks Larry. I'm in Videowave in the Preview Box...click either "Output As" or "My DVD Express"...go thru settings and hit either render or burn and nothing happens...no error messages just stops and won't go any further. Dell E510 2.8 GHz Dual Core 1 GB Ram NVidia GeForce 7300 le
  4. tumacprod

    Can't export production

    Just installed Creator 9 a couple of weeks ago after having very good luck with Creator 8. Have a problem of not being able to export finished production. It won't burn to DVD...can't save it to a video file...any format I try it just won't transfer. Again never had problems like this in Creator 8. Have XP. Any suggestions????
  5. tumacprod

    Putting two formats on one DVD

    Thank you James!
  6. tumacprod

    Putting two formats on one DVD

    Is it possible to put a computer file (screensaver program) and MPEG2 movie file on a DVD? One disc for both computer and TV/DVD. Thanks for any thoughts.
  7. tumacprod

    Fuzzy Title Overlays

    Very strange...haven't had this problem before. I'm doing a production involving video clips of 11 people...when I insert their names and title with a simple gray background and white lettering at the bottom of the screen the main image fuzzes up slightly. When graphic overlay goes away, main image goes back to crystal clear. Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. tumacprod

    video/slide transitions

    Thanks to both of you guys...it worked!
  9. tumacprod

    video/slide transitions

    Whether putting together a slideshow or video clips, I will add transitions (usually slow dissolve) and the dissolve will show up on timeline, but when played, everyother transition is a straight cut....any ideas? Thanks!