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  1. Thank you for your help. I followed your instructions and the program loaded and I now have access to the bells and whistles. the only thing is that I don't think I did anything different to the half a dozen other attempts. But at least I traveled in hope this time - an assuring advice.
  2. Sorry.... I had cleansed the system of all references to Nero using their cleaning tool. I think Nero and Roxio did not work together at all. Roxio just a straight uninstall.
  3. I have installed and uninstalled several times. I have used the device to ensure that each time the machine is purged of all traces and ensures a clean install every time. Icons appear on the desktop but do not open any part of the program. No 'error notices'. I use 'administrator rights'. I have been to the system folders and tried opening the program from there including the Control Centre. Some disk activity starts every time, whatever I do and it goes on for ever without opening anything. I had so many problems with an earlier version, as did a lot of folk apparently. I saw all the good reviews of this version and assumed all was sorted. Not so!!!! Very ticked off. I am prepared to accept I could have done something wrong but cannot see what. BTW I always allowed the install to finish properly, switch off and re-boot etc. The handbook says put the disk in and follow instructions. There are no instructions. Everything indicates that I can sit back and watch it installing. Finally I do not have a disc, mine is a download. Nothing anywhere to suggest I should do anything but click the installation application and watch it do what it does. My computer is functioning beautifully with everything else.
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    Label Creator

    I had to recover after a blue screen crash, everything working fine including Roxio as far as I can see -EXCEPT when I prepare a CD front cover for printing, wheras only a day or so everything was fine now what happens. Whatever I do it always defaults to MS Image writer. The aforementioned is not marked as default printer by Canon is. It seems to work everywhere else. I reinstate Canon as the printer to be used but the control is greyed out. Remedy is hopefully simple but I cannot work it out. I would appreciate help please. I repeat Canon is my default printer.
  5. click65

    Videowave -any ideas

    Whenever I try to edit a video I find the darned thing stalling the sustem, refusing to clear and having to be re-started. I have re-installed several times after completely clearing out all remnant of the prog to no avail.