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  1. I'm trying to photo to movie now. Thanks for the reference. It seems to be working. At least it can scroll through all the pictures without crashing. I have it rendering now. Motion Pictures can't preview many of the photos and it seems to get worse as you move down the list. The boxes that show the picture orientation disappear first, then you start to get the 'dashed line' around the preview (that I suspect means that it has lost track of the file entirely).
  2. Tried the above.. There doesn't seem to be a Motions Pictures plist file so I trashed anything related to roxio or toast. I then launched Motions Pictures and it wanted the cd key. I dug this out but it wouldn't accept it. I quit MP and then launched Toast. Toast also wanted the cd key and accepted the one from the cd case. MP then launched OK. MP crashed several times whle I was looking it over. The Apple crash reporter even gave up on noticing that ti crashed. Basically it crashed as you scroll through the preview screeen on the left. At some point it stops displaying the file images, intermoing some that it sees and not other. I tried an export in one trial and it gave me a warning that a file was unavailabel and would show a black segment if I continued. So there seems to be some sort of file recognition problem. My small title slides always seem to show up int he preview but th e larger ones are sporadic. The farther down the list you scroll the feweer images that are displayed. To be honest I have very limited interest in debugging the roxion software. I've already spent hours and hours (approx 3 days) trying to get things to work. It just insn't worth it. I'd much rather that someone direct me to another $50-100 package that works for producing Ken Burns type slides shows in 'bulk automated' mode.
  3. I'm ran the Toast updater so I have Motion Pictures 2.1.2. I'm fully up to date with Mac software. OS is 10.4.7. Overall I keep up to date on software. The only other app with issues at the moment are the Gee Three add-ons to iMovie but they seem to be making progress. This appears to be a long standing issue for me and at least a few others based on the posts. So whatever is causing the problem isn't new, probably from 2005. I'm running the dual dualcore 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5 system (4 processors) so Intel chips are not the issue. Basically the Toast 7 version of MP is unstable for me, it generally crashes while scrolling through the slide list but it can crash at other times as well. I haven't been able to get anything out of it since upgrading. The old version of MP seemed to be fine but now crashes while outputting the movie (sounded like the Quicktime issue that was being discussed except that I've updated everything that was mentioned). Could old Roxio software be causing any issues? I go back a long ways so there are several versions on my system. I run the provided installer but maybe some of the old software is getting in the way?
  4. jlgoulden

    Motion Pictures Hd

    I tried the very latest. It doesn't work either.
  5. Oh well, my work around doesn't work. Unlike the new software, everything is fine until you go to export, then it crashes. I tried moving the project to the new version of software. This has hung on the export. If I am following the posts correctly, it seems like the Roxio software hasn't worked yet this year.
  6. You're right, I do know that updating apps is harder than it appears. Multiple things had gone wrong that night and I was very frustrated. Argh!! If I am reading the support notes right, there was an issue with Quicktime compatibility that supposedly the Toast 7 update solves for Motion Pictures. Unfortunately I updated to the brand new Quicktime version before reading this. Either the problem wasn't fixed or the QT update breaks it again since the same error is occuring. Motion Pictures HD crashes during operation (not necessarily during export so I'm not so sure about the Quicktime explanation) such that you can't complete anything. Often it crashes as it is opening the file. It definitely can't stay up long enough to complete an export. I did find another workaround by using the old version of Motion Pictures 1.0.4 BUT the Mac insists on opening it with the new software if you open without specifying the app (should be able to adjust with file preferences but I haven't done so yet). Once the file opens in a new version of Motion Pic, it will no longer open in the old so you lose any work if you didn't save a copy.
  7. As far as I can tell, Motion Picture no longer works on updated Macs. The application 'dies' for all kinds of reasons per the reports. It appears that folks are giving up and using iPhoto slideshow with Ken Burns effect as a workaround (not as good but it works). Roxio is either unaware or ignoring. If you have anything pressing, you should probably give up on Roxio (and think twice before buying one of their products again).