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    Avchd Menu Links

    I wish Roxio can have a patch to fix this problem in the near future. Thanks for all the advises.
  2. jtl301

    Avchd Menu Links

    Yes, Digital Guru, I'd like to have several movies on the menu so that I can select each one but also be able to play some (all) of them to go to the next movies and not return to the menu. Any suggestion? BTW, your "Read this" link points to many nice screen snapshots. Thanks. I also like to point out that I like Roxio's support team. The responding was quick and they are polite.
  3. jtl301

    Avchd Menu Links

    I agree with you, Jim, Creator is easy to use, that’s why I’ve been using it even before Roxio purchased it from - which company, Adoptec? However, the thing got me curious are: 1) Creator 2009 does support those 2 options. It stops working on Creator 2010 version. 2) Their Support engineers seemed not knowing those 2 options are not supported by AVCHD project. They suggested me to try a few setting, after all failed, and then inform me that AVCHD does not support menu links. Anyway, I need to find a software that can do above things. Thanks
  4. jtl301

    Avchd Menu Links

    That is a really big Do you know if Creator 2012 support it? Or would support it in the near future? Thanks, Jonathan
  5. jtl301

    Avchd Menu Links

    Hi, My AVCHD project have both "After Playing" and “Activate on selection” are grey out and cannot be accessed to. How can I enable them? Or how can I create an AVCHD project with menu that can play remaining movies without having to go back to the menu? Thanks, Jonathan 20111003180835182.pdf
  6. jtl301

    Movie Buttons Disabled

    Hi both my Movie Buttons are disabled. How to enable them? Thanks.