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    Back-Up Photo Files To Blue Ray

    i bought a new dvd recorder, OWC Slimline - 6x - dvd/blu ray, for the purpose of backing up and archiving a large library of photo files. i also bought BD-R discs which i understand have 25 gigs of space. using toast 11, i am unable to access 25 gigs of space. the most i can record is 7.96. i bought and installed the blu-ray plug-in. i am not quite sure what i am doing wrong. i have no problem burning regular DVDs. but this drive is worthless if i can’t burn 25 gigs. i may as well have stayed at 4 gigs as 7.96 is not worth the extra cost of the drive and discs. macbook pro retina, OS 10.9.5, thanks.
  2. lara hartley

    Writeout Is Hanging

    i simply can't get toast to burn a dvd. i used to be able to back up my photo archives...but at some point toast started hanging when the app says writing leadout 100%. i downloaded 11.2 and still not working. macbook pro snow leopard 10.6.8 memorex discs which i have had no problems with in the past. what is the point in paying for software that doesn't work? i clicked on udf it will not cancel or abort. i have to force close.
  3. lara hartley

    10.0.03 not working with 10.4.11?

    ah ha! thanks. i had been using roxio/toast light and just was not able to burn dvds without most of them not making it through the verification part. so i checked in here and it seems that what i read was "upgrade to 10" will solve your problems. not sure how i missed the system requirement. but like you said, don't fix whats not broken. rsg
  4. lara hartley

    10.0.03 not working with 10.4.11?

    now i remember why i used the 10.0.02 upgrade. 10 had some problems, like it wouldn't do the write out. so, yes, we did update to 10.0.02. all is working fine. so now we know, 10.0.2 is ok with mac os 10.4.11 - but don't to the upgrade to toast 10.0.3
  5. lara hartley

    10.0.03 not working with 10.4.11?

    i was able to re-install 10.0.0 from the disk. don't think i am going to try the 10.0.2 updater i used from before. thanks! lara
  6. lara hartley

    10.0.03 not working with 10.4.11?

    well, i have been using 10.0.2. i did buy the disc back-up so i will just reinstall. somewhere on those update software pages, roxio needs to make this clear! thanks, lara
  7. lara hartley

    10.0.03 not working with 10.4.11?

    when i was burning dvds today, i received the message i should update my previous version of toast - 10.0.2 to 10.0.3. i went to the download page - "This updates any prior version of Toast 10 Titanium to version 10.0.3 and includes all previous version 10 updates. " when i tried to launch, i am getting the error message "you cannot use the application toast titanium with this version of mac os X." nothing on the download page states the new version does not work with mac 10.11.4. do i just need to dump the new folder and re-install my previous version? sigh. thanks in advance for any help. lara