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  1. barb lake

    Photoshow Desktop program

    Will I still be able to use the desktop program
  2. barb lake

    Photoshow Desktop program

    Cannot sign in to play my photoshows. Getting a 216 error
  3. barb lake

    Trouble With Photoshow

    Trying to creat a photoshow. I have 200 pictures. Everything works find up to photo # 186. It appears to upload to the photoshow, but disappears if I click on any photo in the show. I have tried different pictures to fill that slot to rule out a corrupted picture, but get the same results. Verision 872 using Windows 7. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.
  4. Had to get these labels printed for work so I installed the label creator from Roxio 7. Labels printed fine, except 7 will not recognize any labels (.jwl) that were saved in 9. I will do the clean install as you suggested and let you know what happens. Thanks for your quick response
  5. Yes, removed everything relating to LightScribe software. When that didn't work, I uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio, but am getting the same error and then the printer spits out a blank sheet. It's driving me crazy. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Am using Roxio 9 Label Creator in XP. Had a LightScribe drive which crashed and was replaced with a non-LightScribe drive. Now Roxio will not print to paper. Get the error message: "LightScribe Error: An internal error has occurred. Please restart Label Creator." Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but get the same error. Does anyone know why this is happening?