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  1. Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If it doesn't copy properly, you may need to use a disc recovery/copy application like ISO Buster, or something similar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Actually, I purchased ISOBuster, because Roxio not able to read due to scratched caused by apparently manufactured. Problem is I got stuck not able to copy to DVD, although scratched disk/DVD-R got recovered by IsoBuster. I read its instruction, however I still not able to get it. I really appreciate it if you could help me to guide IsoBuster procedure. Screenshot is as is, Thanks, IsoBuster Screenshot.doc
  2. Hello: By Easy Media Center 10 Suit, I attempted to copy of the recent football game, however I can not complete the task, .... saying, finger print, dust or scratched on the disk. That happened almost at the end of the task/copy. I've been doing/copying all of ballgames without any issues. Is that 'defective disk?' In that case, it's manufacture's fault. I would like to copy it to another disk, as much as possible. Is there a way for me to enable to copy by using Roxio? Thanks for any help on this issue in advance.
  3. Hello: I just purchased my favorite music CD and ripped/recorded all of those songs by using Easy Media Ceator 10 with Windows 7. How to burn those songs into CD-R/Music by using EMC10 succussfully? Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Hi: I lost Serial # which is needed to install Creater 10. Is there any way for me to rescue Serial #? Or, is there a way to install without Serial #? Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. Hi: I found a terrific X-mas song on YouTube site. As much, I want to listen this music by copying it on CD. My question is; How to copy a song found on YouTube site by using Roxio? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. Hi: I've been using Roxio 10 with Sony DVD-R for copying a Sport-Game which I have, In detail as follows: When a putting an original DVD which contains Sport-game, it goes very smoothly, but when I put a brand new Sony DVD-R for copying this DVD-game, it says, .... No disk found or NO driver found, although there is a legitimate brand new DVD-R/Sony I purchased only this morning from local Staples. I tried other DVD-R, about 5 more to do the job, but it's the same. Does not copy it. I've been using 'Roxio 10" and works well with other CD-R, even DVD-R for copying any musics and Sport related programs. Just wonder how to solve this issue? Because, I need to send it to my friend tomorrow. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi: I love both Windows XP and Easy CD & DVD 6, although I purchased Easy CD & DVD 10 last year. However, one BIG issue I've been encountering is that after having installed Easy CD & DVD 6, the PC did not start as it's supposed to be. There are a bunch of sentences popping up BEFORE loading XP, one of which I always clicked to open. Otherwise, the PC keeps to restart and never get XP, that annoying me significantly. At the top of the screen, ... it says, ... 'Sorry an incovenience, but 'software' installed causing this problem. Is there a way to make 'Easy CD & DVD 6' installed NOT conflict XP/SP3? Thanks for your help in advance.
  8. Hi: Thanks everyone for the knowledgeable responses. I REALLY appreciate all of you. The web-site is as follows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wybYlf0_Uc...ted&search= And. The artist is: Josh Groban, 2005 World Series The artist is an amateur according local Radio from where I listened this song for the first time and asked about it. The song is NOT available at any local stores. Thanks ALL
  9. Hi: Thanks for the response. I truly appreciate your help. The web site is called 'You Tube,' and there is a song I want to download and copy it into the blank CD so that I can listen this song in my car. Is it possible for me to accomplish this task by using Windows Media Player or any other form? Thanks again.
  10. Hi: Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate it. As to the Windows Media Player, .... it's perfectly fine to me. Only my wish is that I want to download a song which does not sell at any local stores and it's only available on downloading from the Internet. It's Sport-related song, a kind of amateur but still so terrific voice to listen. My question is now; How to download a song from the Internet and copy it into the blank CD by using Windows Media Center? Also, After all finished, is it possible for me to listen a song by CD Player/Boombug? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi All: I have never done music related CD. Quite frankly, I am very naive and new to everything as to music downloading and copying music/song. Then, I have two questions to ask before launching music downloading from the Internet. (1) How to download a song from the Internet by using Roxio 6? (2) How to copy a song into the blank CD by using Roxio 6? Thanks for your help in advance.