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    New User 18771 Error

    The DVD works great on my Blu-Ray player, Sony BDP-S360. Maybe you should try a different brand (Verbatim, Maxell etc.).
  2. jupasa

    New User 18771 Error

    Max image size for dvd is about 4.5 GB. Toast shows the estimated image size (it is not accurate though, you see the result after encoding). The image size depends on the encoding settings. I use manual settings: mpeg-4 avc, average bit rate 8, max bit rate 16.
  3. jupasa

    New User 18771 Error

    I too struggled with this problem. Now I found something strange, and maybe a workaround: If I select the target media to be DVD or DVD DL, encoding fails with the "error -18771". But if I select BD, no problem. To me this makes no sense. I would have thought the target media selection only affects the "space remaining graph", nothing else. I just discovered this today and have only tested this with one video file. With that file the result is consistent: DVD > error, BD -> no error. Hopefully Toast behaves the same way with all the other video files too. I just have to remember to use the BD selection and all goes fine. Btw, I have only tested this using the Save As Disc Image -method (and after that burned the image using Apple's Disk Utility).
  4. jupasa

    Can't burn blu-ray onto DVD after upgrading

    I have the same problem. Juha
  5. Toast crashes (quits) in the middle of exporting to BD (saving image to disk) some 1080i (aic) videos. This happens only with some videos. I haven't found a common pattern, perhaps it has got to do with the video file size. Problematic is for instance a 15 GB video but not a 1 GB test video. All my videos are similar in that they are from a Canon HF200 video camera and are exported from iMovie 09 using the same settings. I have tried the following: - deleted the pref and plist files - repaired disk permissions I have iMac 2.66 GHZ, 2 GB RAM and plenty of HD space. Snow Leopard (10.6.1). Toast is 10.0.4. Anyone else got similar problems?
  6. jupasa

    Horizontal Jaggies with HD 1080 in Toast

    I thought of that too and tried the different settings (top, bottom, progressive). No help.
  7. jupasa

    Horizontal Jaggies with HD 1080 in Toast

    I too have this problem. Burning 1080i to SD DVD results to thick interlacing lines. The suggestion above seems to work but it is not ideal. My clips are 1080i AIC interlaced (exported from iMovie 09). It takes too long to re-export every project to DV50. Can anyone else verify having this problem? Btw: this problem does not occur with iDVD. The only problem is that motion is not smooth. Maybe that is inevitable due to the 1080i > 576i conversion.