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  1. Hi, I just can't figure out what I can do to stop my photoshow from automatically starting when inserted into dvd player - and also how to stop the photoshow repeating. I did not tick the 'loop' box when creating the photoshow and it doesn't repeat when on my computer. I am using photoshow 5.0.4 Build 3034 and then using Nero Express to burn multiple copies faster. Any help is greatly appreciated xo
  2. Thanks for your reply - so there is now no menu function in photoshow at all? Why would they remove it??? Maybe I was using photoshow '4' last year. Ok well as long as it's not me doing something wrong.... haha I wouldn't have a clue how to set up a menu in nero. I only know to press 'copy' hahaha. Thanks again
  3. Hi I am a new user and am having problems!!!! I have created my photoshow but when i try to burn it to DVD it doesn't process the photos etc, it just stays at 0%. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks heaps Debz
  4. Debz

    Why won't it process and burn?

    Still not working!!!! I can't export it as a video file either. Any ideas ???