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    H.264/mpeg-4 Avc Issues

    I make standard dvds 1-2 hours long. My computer has lots of memory and a intel icore 3 processor and win 7. I have two computers and I have the same problem with both. I do run a browser while creating dvds but I try not to run any other cpu sucking programs at the same time.
  2. raul415

    H.264/mpeg-4 Avc Issues

    I am having problems making dvd movies from H.264/MPEG-4 AVC files. I am using non-copy protected content that has been given to me. Often what happens is that I am enble to add the content but at some stage in the process the program will freeze or crash. What is the best file format to us e with NTX?
  3. raul415

    H.264/mpeg-4 Avc Issues

    From a my ip camera uploaded to computer then dropped into roxio or from content sent to me of original content.
  4. raul415

    H.264/mpeg-4 Avc Issues

    I seem to have problems creating dvds using video content in the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format. Sometimes it works beautifully and sometimes I have to convert the content to a AVI or some other format to get things to work smoothly. Can you please advice as to why there are problems with H.264/MPEG-4 files and what I can do to avoid them in the future. ​ ​Thanks in advance!
  5. raul415

    Changing Menu Function

    Not one suggestion or help for this problem? Using NXT I would like to use a color as a chapter menu selector function instead of what is designed for the menu. I have had a fair amount of success changing menu characters using dingbats and other fonts. Is there any way to change the menu selection in a chapter menu using shading or color overlay. Thanks in advance!
  6. How do I using videowave create and save seperate video clips from the same video content. If not videowave what should I use. Thanks in advance!
  7. raul415

    Creating A One "page" Main Menu

    Thank you so much for the illustrated reply! Buttons is a brillant idea but you're right you do run out of button options on one page. I just created a film following the proccedure I outlined in my first post but this time I just left the unlinked buttons unlinked and it seemed to work fine. I guess the bottomline is that this is no direct way to make these changes without a little trickery. I really appreciate the work you put into responding to my question. Thanks!
  8. raul415

    Creating A One "page" Main Menu

    I double posted because I have both versions 2011 and an upgraded 2012. I use both. Please advise on 2012 Pro. Thanks
  9. I find Roxio Creator 2012 Pro to be pretty swell however, when I am making a menu for a film and I try to create a one page main menu with both the whole movie and the chapters on the main menu it is incredibly tough to do. This is how the process normally goes: Add the movie to main menu, make a copy of original movie to use as the chapter menu source, create chapter menus. When chapters are created I go to each chapter, select all, cut the menus and go back to main menu and paste them in no problem. The trouble comes in trying to delete the now empty chapter menus. Sometime I will delete all of the orginal content from the chapter menu (buttons etc.) hoping that this will make a now empty chapter menu easier to delete. Most of the times this works after quite a few trys and alot of "videowave is not responding" messages and shutdowns and restarts. I cannot be the only perosn trying to have my way with the menus in Creator. Is there any wisdom that you can pass on to make this process less time consuming. Thanks in advance!
  10. raul415

    Dvd Menus

    I am having the same problem posted in another section. In fact, I see the others are having similar sorts of problems with "incomplete" installations. I really appreciate that you folks are responsive but the dots are not connecting. I have installed the second disc and still have only 6 menus and no proper access to smartsound. SO has I have done in the past I am going back to 2011 and I'll wait until some sort of critical mass of information is reached. I will keep checking.
  11. I know this is a dopey question but I downloaded and installed the basic program but all of the extra menus that I had in the previous version and not here. I suppose they are in Roxio2012Content.exe but where is it?! Which folder should I be looking? Dumb question I know but I can't find the darn thing. Thanks for advance.
  12. raul415

    Video Trimmer

    I am just adding audio with the media selector or even using smartsound. Thanks for the tip about the updates I will do that now. I'll report back.
  13. raul415

    Video Trimmer

    Thanks! However, I am using IE 8 right now. IE 9 sounds like it has some "issues" living with Win 7. I have another issue as well. With sound. Sometimes I will add or change background sound but when I preview finished project or burn it the menu is silent or muted. I am wondering if increased computer memory eliminates many of these problems that seem to come and go. Thanks again!
  14. raul415

    Video Trimmer

    From time to time when I try to use the video trimmer (which I love) the center screen remains black no video at all. If I leave the project and reboot the computer it will work. Is this a computer memory problem, a video card (Geforce 6150) problem or a program glitch. Thanks in advance!
  15. raul415

    Streaming Video Capture

    I need help capturing streaming video as it doesn't seem to work very well for me. I follow the instructions opening the video copy and convert window click on convert, choose web video and sometimes after a bit of a wait the video I'm viewing does appear but often nothing shows up no matter how long the capture window is open. I am using Explorer as my browser (is there a better browser for this?) I also on a wireless network, not sure if that affects the lack time or poor performance. So far using the setup I have described I have been able to download one video that was 30 seconds long. HELP! By the way, I really appreciate the improvements of Roxio 2011 Pro all of my old 2010 problems have all dried up. Thanks in advance.