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    D2D: how to flush to disc

    Thank you, I have seen post like the one you link to. But with all the problems D2D has, it has at least one advantage: no extra steps for the user of our app. Or are you suggesting that there is a better way to automatically write data without user intervention? Our users configure the app by choosing a directory to save the data, and we have a requirement that CD can be used. Could we achieve that without D2D? Chris
  2. Hi, We developed an application that regularly saves its data to CD/DVD. We are using D2D, hoping to make it easier for our users (so the CD drive can be used like any other drive) Everything works fine, excepted that the data does not seem to be written to disc until the disc is ejected (we tried copying a file to CD, then switch off the computer: the data was not on the disc). Is there any way to ensure the data is written to the actual disc (instead of some buffer) without ejecting the disc? Thanks Chris