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  1. We just released the ability to edit photos when making a PhotoShow online. Learn more. And, for Mac users, get the iPhoto Plug-in for exporting photos and albums to PhotoShow directly from iPhoto! The PhotoShow Team.
  2. roxonline

    Photoshow premium

    So I take it when you select "Open my Member Page..." from the Online menu in PhotoShow 6, there is no show there? If so, then it sounds like it wasn't uploaded. You might want to try creating a new show with a single photo just to trouble-shoot this.
  3. roxonline

    Uploading photoshows to own web site

    Of course, you can also copy and paste the Flash code from the "Post on other Web sites" option, if your web site supports that.
  4. roxonline

    500 new songs + AAC file support

    Apologies for the belated post. As you may have already discovered we've added 500 great new songs to the music collection. Plus, online, you can add your own iTunes music files (AAC format - no DRM). In addition, the bubbles category has new bubble styles, banners, and billboards. An update to PhotoShow 6 (build 819) was also released with these new features (except AAC support) - you can get it on your account page or check for updates from the Help menu in PhotoShow 6. More info on the blog.
  5. Yesterday we released new features on PhotoShow.com, including new caption styles, the ability to manage your email address book, and over 50 bug fixes. Read more...
  6. Over the last couple weeks we released some great new features on PhotoShow.com and in PhotoShow 6, including the ability to apply beautiful themes to your PhotoShow channel pages. Learn more.
  7. roxonline

    Photoshow Video Engine

    Would you be able to send us some logs? There must be something system specific that you and some others are seeing. If you agree, I will send you instructions. So sorry this has been a problem for you.
  8. New release of PhotoShow.com today! Learn more on the blog.
  9. You can now download the latest PhotoShow 6 with support for multiple songs per show from your account page. PhotoShow 5 users, if you like adding MP3s to your shows but you want to share them online, try PhotoShow 6. PhotoShow 6 lets you mix library tracks with MP3s and still upload your show to PhotoShow.com.
  10. Read about the latest updates to PhotoShow on the blog. PhotoShow 6 with multiple music track support will be released early next week! http://blog.photoshow.com/photoshow/2009/0...ool-styles.html http://blog.photoshow.com/photoshow/2009/0...-lots-more.html
  11. Today we released the new Multiple Music Tracks feature on PhotoShow.com! PhotoShow 6 will be updated over the next week. Learn More on the blog.
  12. Today we released some great new features on PhotoShow.com. Read more about it here on the blog.
  13. roxonline

    PhotoShow 6 Updated

    PhotoShow 6 has been updated with the latest features, styles, and technology to match PhotoShow.com! Includes: Control caption size, width, and placement Set durations for each photo Father's Day style, Pan & Zoom style Next generation playback engine Download it now from your account page, or Auto-Update when prompted next time you launch PhotoShow 6 on your PC. Happy Sharing, The PhotoShow Team
  14. A new release of PhotoShow.com went live last night with some new features everyone is sure to love. Read more about it here. You can use these features online right now, and we'll be rolling them out to PhotoShow 6 desktop over the coming weeks. Enjoy!
  15. roxonline

    Photoshow Video Engine

    All, we believe we fixed this problem as of a few days ago. It turned out to be much more complicated than we first thought. Please try to activate burning on PhotoShow 6 and let us know on this forum if you are still having problems.