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    is "Auto-Open" available for Custom Hybrid?

    Freshburn!! I could kiss you digitally! It worked perfectly. I copied and pasted your instructions, designed a nice border around it and am having it sent to the framers right now to frame and mount above my fireplace! Perfecto!!!!!!! Thank you. Frenchy, I RECANT! -i
  2. iphotostuff

    is "Auto-Open" available for Custom Hybrid?

    Thanks Freshburn, This is what I have so far that works: ON A MAC - currently works 1) Has a custom disc Icon 2) Has a custom App Icon 3) Has a finder window that, once open: a) displays the custom App icon in the correct place at the correct size displays a custom background image c) displays the window at the exact correct dimensions ON A MAC - currently does NOT work 1) make files invisible that I don't want the user to see 2) Auto Opens ON A PC - currently works 1) Custon Disc Icon 2) Has invisible files that I don't want the user to see 3) Auto Starts ON A PC - currently does NOT work I'm all set. Care a little less about how it works on a PC because it autostarts I seem to have tried EVERYTHING pretty systematically with the -> create a disk image, mount, open window, logout, lock disk image, burn method. Nothing changes. Although, when I click on the .dmg file then the mounted file mounts WITH a finder window open which I thouht was promising but turns out not to be. ALL I WANT TO ADD IS THE AUTO-OPEN! I can't go the MAC & PC route because it eliminates some of the other features I want. Any ideas? It would be GREATLY appreciated! -i
  3. Argh. So, I have given my "Cutom Hybrid" CD a very sexy background image of my "Temporary Partiioned" mac disc. The background image gives intructions and points with big sexy arrows to my large sexy custom icon. Only problem is, when I burn the disc and take it to a different Mac, the background image is nowhere to be seen. I read in the Toast 7 "Help" that I CAN create custom background images for MAC and PC versions: So, does that EXCLUDE the "custom hybrid" mac and pc version? It begs the question: What is the point of using "custom hybrid" if you can't build a custom MAC disc? Does it ONLY hide the other files (on PC > hides MAC, on MAC > hides pc?) I think I am at my whits end here. I have 20 CDs, all burned, lying on my disc, none of them doing EXACTLY what I want. -i
  4. iphotostuff

    is "Auto-Open" available for Custom Hybrid?

    Frenchy, this isn't working. I followed your instructions and targeted a disc image CD that I had. When I logged out, it ejects the disk image. I have tried several times now. This is very frustrating. -i
  5. iphotostuff

    is "Auto-Open" available for Custom Hybrid?

    Hi Frenchy, yes, that is the one that I am talking about. Thanks for the response. I have followed the "help" instructions for a hybrid disk to a "T" in the Toast 7 help which is written very well. So now I have a disk that does everything I want both on the mac and PC side with the exception of auto-opening on the MAC side. Here is what I don't understand about the instructions below: --------------------------------------------------------------- This process is different for each operating system: Mac OS 9 (Toast 5 only) - There is an AutoStart function in the Mac Volume format. Please check Chapter 5 of your Toast user manual for additional details. Mac OS X - There is no AutoStart function in Mac OS X itself. You can customize the appearance of a window but that is the extent of the customization. Here are the steps needed for that process: 1) Create an image using Toast or Disc Copy. How? I currently have a CD sitting on my desktop exactly the way I want, but without auto-open. Does this mean "Toast > Utilities > create temporary partition?" using standard menu paths would greatly help these instructions 2) Mount the image. again, how? 3) Adjust the window how you want it, icons, etc. all set 4) Logout of the system. Leave the image open and don't do anything to it, just logout. seriously? Do you mean "Apple-shift-Q" or, Finder > Apple Menu Bar > Apple > Log Out Use?" I have to LOG OUT of my SYSTEM to do this? 5) Log back in and lock the image (using the show info command in the finder). How? Do you mean "control-click > GET info?" I don't know what "Show Info" is. Using the correct terms would be helpful. Okay, how do I lock it? 6) Mount the image again or burn it if you want using Toast. Windows - Windows requires a file named Autorun.inf, which is necessary to automatically complete tasks when a disk is inserted. This is basically a batch file that contains commands for Windows to run when the disk is inserted. This file must be saved as DOS text with line breaks. For more information on the Autorun.inf file, its contents, and its format, please check the Microsoft Knowledge Base. ----------------------------------------------------- So those are my questions. Again, It may simply be the writing, but I can't imagine it is too difficult to put simple menu paths into an explanation. I am still not seeing how this is done. More details would be great. Thanks! -i
  6. iphotostuff

    is "Auto-Open" available for Custom Hybrid?

    Greetings, I see that when you create a "Custom Hybrid" CD that the "Auto-Open" checkbox magically vanishes . I have found one post on this forum which has a link to a "solution" using Toast 6 which, frankly, I simply don't understand (it reads like a Chinese translation of an Independent art film). Does ANYONE know of a way of "Auto-Opening" a disc in "Custom Hybrid?" Please, I AM NOT asking about Auto-Start, I know that this is not possible on OSX. Thanks! -i
  7. iphotostuff

    Toat 7 Custom Hybrid And Auto Open On Mac

    caesarm, did you find a resolution to your questions? I am looking for the exact same info but found the link that was provided unhelpful. Any success? Cheers! -i