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    "Roxio has stopped working" during Audio burn launch

    Another bizarre thing is that I installed the same Creator 2010 on my brand new HP laptop with Win 7 and it works perfectly! No hiccups on any feature of the software. That led me to think it could a hardware issue. I know the LiteOn IHAS 424 is the newest model DVD burner from this mfger. I may just swap out the DVD drive and return it instead of messing with the Registry and additional repair/uninstalls/reinstalls. Does this sound like like a reasonable plan? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I just installed Creator 2010 on my custom built machine (i7 920, Win 7, 6G DDR3). I have 2 SATA DVD burners...a Samsung SH-S223B and a LITEon ihas 424-08. When I try to copy an audio CD from one burner to the other, I chose "Burn Audio CDs" from the menu. It starts to load then stops and says "Roxio has stopped working" and closes the program. The same thing happens when I try to make MP3 cds. Everything else works perfectly! I tested both DVD burners to make sure they were both working properly (updated drivers, firmware, etc). I've uninstalled the DVD burners and let Win 7 recognize them again. Could this be a Win 7 issue? It appears to recognize everything fine. I think the problem is with the software. Any ideas how to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this? Roxio support was not helpful at all.