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  1. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring!

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    How Do You Get Support-live chat

    Well I guess that is what is happening with me. I have quite a few Roxio products and for the Life of me, I don't know why.. Their support system is the worst and always has been! Just plain disgusted. Carol
  3. Hi David... I do not have Vista and had the same problem. I got online (Chat) with a Roxio Tech and he said you only have 4 activations with Phowshow 5. Only on the Computer you have it to begin with. I had never even knew that. He then activated it for me and I have 3 more left if I uninstall then I have to put the number in again. Providing there is no problem with that. I also told him that I bought this program and it is mine and it is not right that they do this.. You buy the software and they still do what they want. Not cool IMHO. Anyway I just thought I would lend this helpful thought. Roxio support takes to long to get back to you and that is why I got online with one of them. He BTW=was very helpful! I have a ticket in now to find out how to download my Photoshow from Photoshow.com It has been 4 days... Some things never change. Thanks for listening.. Carol
  4. Hello David, My name is Carol and have used roxio products and Photoshow for years! 1. I have Windows XP Pro 2. 1.5 GB ram 3. 3.3 MHz processor I can not burn My Own Photoshows to DVD either because of this Activation thing that they want. I have never seen this with them? I have written to Simplestar only to find Roxio bought them out. I cannot register with Roxio on this product because it says my password is wrong BTW=It is the same as I use here and for updates with Roxio. All the other things I have bought from Roxio, Creater Classic 7, 9 and 10 are registered. No one has answered except to say go and register and no one has helped with the password. What in the world do I do now. I have a couple of Photoshow online with Photoshow and have that password, Could that be it???? I di not think so.. In my Computer years I have never seen this kind of thing and I have to tell you it is very annoying. I teach all this stuff and build the darn computers and have less agrivation! So can you please tell me what to other than what you told the last reply to do. I paid 30 some dollars for the program because I was made to understand that this version would let me make my Family DVD's in Photoshow. I have to also say that Simplestar was great with their support. Oh yes I entered by product ID # for this Activation thing and it said something about "if you want another license for another computer you have to buy.. I use it on my computer ONLY and always have. I hope this can be fixed immediately as I am trying to do the Family album.. I even uninstalled and re-installed the program... So please advice. Never got the free add-on for DVD either! Thank you for your time... Carol