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    Blu-Ray encoding

    Does anyone else have an issue after its done encoding it says the disc isn't big enough? Do you encode on automatic?
  2. kunomu

    Blu-ray Compression Issue

    Thats the thing the file itself is only 16.something GBs and then it makes it 23GBs.
  3. kunomu

    Blu-ray Compression Issue

    I just had my MacBook Pro spend 40 hours compressing a blu-ray movie that I created and now it says that their isn't enough space on the disc to burn the movie. It says that the disc has 23.31 GB available and the file is 23.42 GB. My question is that it had like 600MB open before compression and now it won't fit. Is there anything that I can do or if I have to compress it again what settings do I need to be on? I put it on automatic everything and I am surprised that Toast still burned it too large. Thanks for any help.