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    This DVD-VR disc cannot be copied here

    I already have it, thanks. I did all that back in August when I first noticed problems with the DVDs I was making.
  2. paeanhera

    This DVD-VR disc cannot be copied here

    I wish I could record in "video mode" but I need to edit them; I already knew what you are taking about. I've seen some makes of DVD burners at $70 or so already. I can keep track of sales for a couple of merchants I like; then, there's bizrate, too. Thanks, anyway.
  3. paeanhera

    This DVD-VR disc cannot be copied here

    So, you're telling me that Toast 7 WILL extract the video IF and ONLY IF I get an outboard DVD burner: not good. I did check a favorite merchant: it has a couple good burners at $100 or so. I've already blown a lot of money on DVD copying software that REALLY doesn't copy "any DVD," just certain ones. I've already had the third-party reseller challenge my dispute on that matter and the OEMs are hiding their business addresses so I'm having a hard time with that. The OEMs terminated e-mail correspondence weeks ago. I really don't want to have to pour more money down the drain. I was actually hoping that a representative of Roxio would say something about this problem. I will probably contact them directly through their corporate office. Thanks for trying.
  4. paeanhera

    This DVD-VR disc cannot be copied here

    Thanks, you're not really telling me anything new here. I've had variable results when making -VR discs from a standalone recorder. Sometimes Superdrive reads them and sees the files, sometimes its sees only a "Recordable CD" with a CDR icon. Maybe someone else out there has a way of getting Superdrive to read it correctly. It already does read it since Toast 7 con find the movie; it won't let me copy it. What really baffles me is how copying a disc can be so hard for software to do. I surmise it's the schemes that the software uses because they REALLY don't copy. They take shortcuts because it would take too long if it were to do a true bit copy, so I guess.
  5. paeanhera

    This DVD-VR disc cannot be copied here

    I get this message when I insert a DVD to duplicate. Finder won't mount it most of the time, except when I set the CD & DVD system preference to "open DVD Player." Then Finder shows a CDR icon with the name "Recordable CD." I am running a G5 machine, Mac OS 10.4.11. The DVD burner is the standard Matsushita DVD drive that Apple was putting into the iMac.