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    As little compression as possible....how?

    Hi, I have a a .mov file exported from Avid Media Composer. The video is 3 minutes long, the file is 3,17 GB. The project is made as a 25P Pal project, SD resolution 720x576 I want to make this into a DVD with Toast 10 Titanium. Toast makes this file into a 160 MB file when set at the highest bitrates in Custom encoding settings. I want it to compress even less, is this possible? I want the file to be bigger, 500MB..? 1 GB? Thanks for all your tips to a newbie! EDIT: I see now what my "real" problem was. I had problems with interlacing or some sort of that kind. When I set Field dominance to "Progressive" in Toast 10 the DVD playback on my Sony flatscreen was much better. To make a 3 minute video on DVD larger than 160 MB is....more like absurd or something.