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    VideoWave crashes

    I am now using Corel Video Studio. It is faster and more stable than Roxio, it has full 4K encoding, it has multi-frame editing and some pretty cool transitions and editing features. It also uses proxy images for quicker save, open and recovery after a crash (which does still occasionally happen, but far less often than with Roxio)
  2. peterbarna@yahoo.com

    VideoWave crashes

    VideoWave crashes instantly whenever I start encoding a production. I initially used AVCHD encoders, but when VideoWave started crashing I expanded my selection to other HD encoders. Unfortunately all of them crashed within seconds after starting the export process. I then tried 720p resolutions, with no better success. The only encoder that works is the Roxio MPEG-2 1080p package. I am extremely frustrated because I wasted the past three days trying to solve this issue. I used VideoWave since it was part of the Adaptec software suite, but I am getting ready to switch to a new suite that would also enable 4K exports.