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    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    Agree...the failure to burn dvd ruined the Christmas slide show I have worked all year on....could not burn it and now it is Dec 26./..flaky for sure! Simplestar gave me no problems all the years I had it...the buy out to Roxio has been a nightmare and ruined my Christmas! Don't you love the "it's probly not our program problem"? when you know it is?
  2. cjerabek

    Can't burn

    It is Christmas Eve. I have planned a dvd photoshow for my gift to the vet where I work and have needed to wait until today to complete and burn it. It is not burning. I have never had so many problems with this show. I had it as simplestar for years without issues and have spent so much time with support the last few weeks. If it could go back to simplestar my christmas would be great but as it stands, the popcorn and goodie basket makes no sense without the dvd to go in it. I have planned this project for one year and should have known roxio would give me trouble...merry christmas to me, huh???
  3. cjerabek

    bought premium says basic

    I purchased the Photoshow premium early in the summer and have been able to email and post shows until last night and it now says I must upgrade to premium to do so and has me listed as basic but I have the emailed confirmation I have premium. It never gave me that notice before. Of course I emailed the problem in but they must not be "on" during the week-end. Anyone else having this problem?