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    MyDVD Premier upgrade to 10.1

    malatekid: Yes, I did check the CD key. I used it to install 10.0 without any problems. firenhancer: What is the update you are suggesting?
  2. BaradaNikto

    MyDVD Premier upgrade to 10.1

    Take another look at that page. It implies there is an update available for all MyDVD users. There's no mention of Windows 7 as a requirement for this update.
  3. Early this month, I purchased and downloaded MyDVD Premier 10.0. Last week, I noticed on the download page that there was an upgrade to 10.1, so, I downloaded it. The download page stated, Now, when I try to install it, it tells me the following... The key "XX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" is not valid. Verify that you entered the right key. I used the same CD key that I got when I installed version 10.0. Can anyone tell me what's going on here?
  4. Using MyDvd version 6 (I know, it's old), I created a slide show with 335 photos and audio track. I've successfully created several DVDs for playback. However, each DVD has the same problem. The problem occurs on my laptop and on my Sony DVD player. About every 10 minutes - approximately every 100 photos (chapters) in the slide show - the screen goes black and the sound stutters for about 2-3 seconds. This happens three different times during playback. After some investigation of the project and the files it creates, I noticed that there appeared to be three separate playback files created that comprise the slide show. Might this be correct? Would this explain the delay in loading the next file for playback? I've noticed several posts here that detail similar problems without much resolution. I don't believe this is a hardware or media issue. I would guess the problem is related to the way the software creates the DVD for playback. Does anyone have any insight into this problem? Can I get continous playback without the hang/stutter? Would an updgrade solve this probelm? Will a newer version of MyDvd import my current project so I don't have to re-do it?