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    Installation woes

    The 128 is for the RAM requirements it says it only needs 1024X.... video card with 16,24,or 32 bit. I have 4 gig on C: drive left but the drive is in 2 partitions and I have 33 gig left on the D side which is where I am installing it.
  2. rvssts

    Installation woes

    Im sorry I have a sony W510G computer Intel Pent 4 2.4Ghz 80gig drive 512 RAM Photo elements 3.0 It has GIGA pocket TV/Video software Vaio media etc standard sony stuff is this enough Info? I can give more I use it pretty much for a TV in the Kitchen/Dinning area and picture editing LOL Thanks
  3. Hi I am trying to install EMC8 on my computer and cant do it. It runs fine till it gets to registering libs. then the machine hangs (mouse included) I have to power offf to get it back help!