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  1. I was making a Blu-ray disk image and 24 hours into the process (at around 80%) I walked back to my computer and it said something like "error code -43".
  2. pashman

    Blu-ray encode of HDV problem

    I've read that many who shoot in HDV use Quicktime Conversion as an export of the sequence to Pro Res or ProResHQ. From there it is "full raster" and comes out correctly after Toast encodes that. Your new camera is probably not HDV if it's doing 1920 right? Basically I'm just trying to find the best way to keep my edited footage at its best looking prior to throwing out the whole FCP project that would just take up too much room.
  3. pashman

    Blu-ray encode of HDV problem

    So I suppose when one goes through the (very huge files) AIC (as in FCE and iMovie) it must pump it out 1920 square rather than 1440 rectangular pixels.
  4. pashman

    Blu-ray encode of HDV problem

    I've heard that people like outputting HDV to ProRes(HQ?) "full raster" and dragging that to Toast rather than an HDV file. I'm assuming my Blu-ray disk that is 4:3 (but when I stretch it to "wide zoom" on my Sony HDTV it looks "right") happened because of the 1440 rectangular frames inherent in HDV footage not being output correctly upon Toast's encoding process. In other words, Toast doesn't make my 1440 rectangular into 1920 square. It's took a day and a half to encode but since this was my first blu-ray burn I'm not too unhappy with this first try. FYI, since I've had an HDV camera (summer of '05) rather than keeping all my huge FCP projects, I've outputted to uncompressed HDV and put them on the deep freeze 1TB hard drive for a rainy day. Anyway, now that Blu-ray burner prices have come down (and the media too), I've updated my Toast to 10 and am looking to burn me some blu-rays! I guess I'm wondering what workflow is best to save my HDV projects to before making my blu-rays and of course, how do I make sure I it doesn't make it 4:3.