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  1. On a Mac, how do you take the video imported with Easy VHS and burn a DVD that will play in a DVD player?
  2. bradleydad

    Roxio vs Elgato

    I tried burning a movie using Toast following instructions. What I end up with is separate Audio and Video files. I'm able to rip from DVDs and burn movies without a problem using Toast 8. I converted a movie I imported using EasyVHS to MPEG4 but how can I burn that or any imported movie, to a (playable) DVD?
  3. bradleydad

    Roxio vs Elgato

    Well, Easy VHS certainly doesn't work. Is there any chance that Elagato will? I've been reading comments here and elsewhere and tried lots of suggestions. After many hours on several (Intel) Macs, in 10.4 and 10.5. I have never been able to create a DVD that will work in a DVD player. So, what is the "Easy" in the title supposed to mean? I bought a premium copy of Toast Titanium and tried exporting to that. My DVD player and toast are set to region one. But, all I get is a message that this disk cannot be played. I tried converting video files to MPEG 4, but iMovie still does not open the movie to edit it. Am I missing something here? When they say making DVDs, I assume they mean DVDs that can be played on a DVD player, and not just a computer. Am I mistaken?
  4. bradleydad

    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    It works on this MB Pro and 10.6.2. The video and sound work and the quicktime video plays with sound with quicktime 10. Trouble is, even though the movie shows up as an event in iMovie, it can't be edited. The movie looks pretty good in Quicktime 10 or 7, but using Toast Titanium to create a DVD results in really crappy video. I got similar results using 10.5. Unlike the reviews, quality is awful in either 10.5 or 10.6. Folks at Apple say they get lots of calls on all versions and recommend people use a better product.