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    problem saving MP4 video PhotoShow

    I have photos only and I'm using the music provided by photoshow. So no uploading of music.
  2. I downloaded Photoshow 6 and tried to create a slideshow with around 230 images. When I tried to export for DVD I got to the size screen, picked 800x600 and then click create. I got nothing! I then uninstalled the software and tried again, still nothing. I then did a save as and renamed my project. I then tried to export again and still nothing after picking the video size. I then tried to upload the project online to photoshow.com. After two hours I got an error message and the file was not able to upload. I started over and imported all my images to photoshow.com and recreated the project 100% online. The project plays without any problems. When I click the save as MP4 video, I get the following email: We're sorry, there was a problem making the video of your PhotoShow titled .... Any suggestions??