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    Not Happy Ozi

    I am not a happy customer. As I am long term user of the software (over 10 years from back in the Easy CD Creator Days)I purchased Roxio Creator 2009 at the end of May 2009 directly from Sonic Solutions. I am now told that if I want to use it with Windows 7 I will have to purchase another full version(Creator 2010). Barely 5 months use and now its obselete. Why was I not informed? Or at least given the same option MS Vista buyers were given and that is a free upgrade at the release of Windows 7. I have 2 words "Rip Off"
  2. Kiwozi

    Not Happy Ozi

    Brendon Yes lets get realistic. I can absolutely garauntee Roxio knew their 2009 version was not compatible many many months before I purchased at the end of May 2009 just a tad over 3.5 months before the global release of Windows 7. In fact I was using the Windows 7 RTM (the locked down Release To Manufacture) version released to developer network subscribers over 8 weeks before global release. Prior to that we had the publically available RC (Release Candidates) and prior to the Beta versions and even the Alpha versions before that. Remember I purchased 14 weeks before global release. Software is not developed and released in a few weeks and a product like Roxio would take thousands of man hours to prepare for retail release. I would hazard a guess that Roxio knew their 2009 product was not Windows 7 compatible around mid year to 3rd quarter 2008, looked at its market and historical statistics and decided to create a new release rather than fix or patch the the 2009 version. Roxio chose not to fully inform and instead chose to squeeze the very last few dollars out of its customers knowing that a proportion of them (statistically) were buying a dead product. Nope Roxio chose to Rip me Off of that I am convinced.
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    Not Happy Ozi

    Brendon Seems you have difficulty understanding our obviously different use of english here in our quaint little part of the world so I will restate things. The AU dollar is nearly 1 for 1 with the US dollar yet the upgrade price from Roxio Australia is over twice the US dollar price ( I would have to pay over 100 USD to purchase the upgrade). That is a Roxio Australia pricing issue not a political party financial policy issue. I did not ask for a gaurantee that 2009 would work in any as yet unknown future released OS. What I am saying is that at the time I purchased , Roxio was obviously finishing testing or in the final stages of preparing 2010 for Windows 7 and that as a customer curtesy they could have mentioned 2009's incompatibility with a simple link to the compatibility pages. Saying something like you should have read the fine print is arrogant behaviour which given your approach to me as a Roxio Guru is now completely understandable. No matter I have the last say as Roxio has lost a long term and until now loyal customer as I have purchased and used every version since 1997 spending with my businesses and myself spending 10's of thousands of dollars. In your own arrogance you are saying like it or lump it, well I lump it as is my right I will now shop elsewhere
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    Not Happy Ozi

    Brendon I did not see the the Roxio product release that states that Roxio creates software that is specific to an operating system now. Where on the purchase page does it say this exactly. And further to this where on the purchase page for 2009 does it say that it is not suitable for Windows 7. No "thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 in 3 months then check here" nothing. I would have gladly waited and continued to use Creator 10 until the 2010 release if I had known. As for discount thats fairly laughable - even though the AU dollar is nearly 1 for 1 the discounted upgrade price in AU dollars is over double for a US customer. In fact its more than the full US dollar price. Nope Rip-Off and I will make it known to all and sundry. Roxio have lost me, my businesses and as I am a senior architect for APJ Microsoft Practice everyone who asks for AIO burning solutions will not be steered toward Roxio with a personal use recommendation as I have done in the past.