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  1. I just got NXT 4 upgrading from NXT 2 and the feature I use a lot under the old version was a feature that asked when you added multiple movies clips if I wanted to add all of them as one movie. I don't see this capability anywhere in NXT 4. Is it gone? If so, I may need to ask for a refund. Also, I don't see any place where you can delete a movie or multiple clips easily without having to start all over again from scratch. Thanks
  2. lujan

    Shutter Glasses

    That's what's happening to all my 3D side by side productions? Why are they all coming out "Narrow" as if it's only outputting one side instead of a widescreen picture? The original file is widescreen but after adding it to Videowave or MyDVD, the resulting production is very narrow and I can't figure out why?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, but I finally gave up and split the files in two and used a 4.7GB disk instead of 8.5 and everything went fine. I have plenty of hard drive space but I'm not sure about the graphics driver?
  4. I'm having the exact same issue trying to burn an 8.5GB disk using MyDVD. I have Dynex disks but it seems to be an issue with MyDVD and 8.5GB disks. I've also tried burning an ISO file and it still hangs up at around 85%-90% while encoding the movie. I'm trying to burn several smaller .wmv files. I've also tried converting them to .mp4 movies and burning them and I get the same issue. Does anyone know if there is a way to check the video's for any corruption before trying to burn them? Also, are there any log files that MyDVD generates that might be able to indicate what the cause is? The error doesn't really give us any valuable information. Oh also, I've tried burning the movie on two different PC's and I get the same error so it shouldn't be the drives.
  5. lujan

    Use a Movie as Menu for another movie

    I guess I'm out of luck? I wish I could post screen shots which might make it more clear.
  6. I posted in the 2009 forum and then purchased Creator 2010 Pro so that's why I posted it in there as well. I am having the same problem with highlighting menu buttons without text in both applications. I would rather delete it from 2009 and then post it in Creator 2010 forum but I would have to start all over again.
  7. lujan

    Use a Movie as Menu for another movie

    The menu movie is already completed so I don't want to touch that. Here are the steps: 1. Launch MyDVD 2. Select Blu-ray project 3. Delete text for menu 4. delete button (red square area) 5. Change Menu Background 6. Add a video as the new menu 7. Click Menu, then select "Apply Motion to all Menus" 8. My menu movie already has all the text I want to use. 9. Add New Movie 10. The application automatically adds text at this point, but since I already have the text as part of the motion menu, I don't need this one. 11. Delete text on the movie just added. 12. I then move the button (red area) on top of the text that is part of the motion menu. 13. Add the rest of the movies 14. Repeat steps 11 and 12 for each movie 15. This is the part I need help with. How can I highlight the button (red square area) for each movie so that I know which one is going to be play next or so that I can select one of the movies myself?
  8. lujan

    Use a Movie as Menu for another movie

    I finally figured out how to add a short movie to be the menu for the project. Next I added 5 movies so I have 6 movies all together (one for the menu and 5 for the movie project). The menu movie already contains the text for the other 5 full-length movies. When I add the 5 movies, MyDVD automatically adds the text which is the same as the name of the file to the buttons. I removed the text from the buttons because I already have it on the movie for the menu otherwise I end up having the text twice and it obscures the menu movie. Everything is good up to this point. I then burned the movie project except that when I sit down to watch the movie, I can't tell which movie is going to play (or is selected) or select another movie out of the 5 because the buttons aren't highlighted. Is there a way to highlight these buttons when there is no text on the buttons so that it is clear which one is going to play next? I hope I explained it clearly enough?
  9. lujan

    Use a Movie as Menu for another movie

    I was only quoting you, your answer said that "... since you can only set the thumbnail view to a frame from the related movie." Can I set a frame from a movie as the menu and if so, how?
  10. lujan

    Use a Movie as Menu for another movie

    It would be nice if only I could set this one frame as the menu page and then have a portion (that you select) to be the clickable item that plays the movie. Can I do this one frame as the menu and if so, how?
  11. Can someone tell me if it's possible to create a menu for a movie using another short 1 minute movie? I have a short .avi movie that I want to use as a menu for a longer movie and set a portion of the short movie as the menu play or start item. I'm trying to do this on MyDVD but have not been succesful. This is going to be a blu-ray project. I then want to set a portion of the movie as the clickable item to be able to start/begin the longer movie. Am I asking too much?