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  1. I already tried repairing the software to no avail. I appreciate it though.
  2. Creator 2012 was last version used. mp4, mpeg4 and mkv are all the same formats I have always used and keep in mind it stops working before I choose any videos. I go to add the videos and it stops working before I choose the video.
  3. My bad. When I start MyDVD and attempt to add my videos to make a movie it stops right there before I can even choose the video and states Videowave has stopped working and shuts the entire program (MyDVD) down. Nothing I have down has changed in fact my configuration is a clean install. I did also now attempt to repair the Roxio software and nothing has changed. Thanks
  4. I just bought Creator NXT 2 and attempting to use MyDVD to make a video. I am using Windows 8.1 Pro and have Intel i7. I have never had a problem using MyDVD or Videowave before for that matter. Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue. Thanks
  5. I did not have any issues in 2009. I used beatstreet and premier in 2010 so far with no luck.
  6. I've used a menu style that existed in previous versions as well with same results. In preview mode it shows a red hightlight. I also render in software mode for better results. Thanks
  7. After I encode and burn a DVD video with MyDVD with a menu when its played, there is no pointer, color change, or anything that stands out to let you know which video you have chosen. You have to simply guess which video you are choosing. This has been an issue with clean installs of XP and Windows 7. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?