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    Building Menu With My Dvd

    I need an expert to help solve menu problems in My DVD. I want an opening menu page with the option of "Play Movie" or go to a Chapter menu with six pre selected chapter points. (This is a somewhat oversimplified description. I will be more spefic later. Is there a better place to post this? Thanks
  2. jbirdwell

    Jpg Picture Size

    All files were moved to my C:/Documents drive for the production, and now that I have re-scanned the images they will remain there until I have a successful DVD burned to archive as a "master." As of today, I am very happy with the videowave production and I have an excellent MPG video (best for DVD) and it plays very well in the computer. Hoewever a trial DVD burn resulted in a poor audio mix with volume increases where I adjusted it lower in production. Can I burn from the MPG video without degradation? jb
  3. jbirdwell

    Jpg Picture Size

    Re Moviemaker 2011, See review at: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2366352,00.asp.
  4. jbirdwell

    Jpg Picture Size

    You would think I would know I erased the files. I finished a burn of a "test" dvd, (and rendered a backup video), and immediately went back to Videowave to make corrections in audio levels, and when I called up the production file, it reported all the files that were missing. This happened twice! It also happened after a short test production using a random selection of jpgs from several folders...but not all folders "lost" files. For the most part all audio and video inserts were still ok. The program lists the files that are missing, so I am working from those lists to make replacements. Inyeresting to note that a review of Windows 2011 Movie Maker says in the CONS list that it "silently removes" the data filees. My first suspecion was that the problem is in Win 7, which I am using. Two things I am concerned about. Any size limitations (other than slow processing) in the data files if they are from 1 to 6 megs...and am I likely to have this problem again. I guess the answer to that is to try another burn with random pictures for minimum time in production. And...certainly I have been told many times that My DVD and Videowave cannot erase the production files. But something did. jb
  5. jbirdwell

    Jpg Picture Size

    The files are absolutely no longer in the computer. The folder is empty. A search turns up none of the files I used in the production. A REC program finds the reminents of the files, but unfortunateely I created several video productions which were revised and re prossessed several times so that overwrote the erased files and most could not be recovered. I have had to re-scan all slides and prints. (Believe me, this time they are backed up to several storage devices, not in the work computer. Thanks for your help jb
  6. jbirdwell

    Jpg Picture Size

    I am making a standard DVD from photo files that range up to 5 MB. I have had great success and the photo quality generally has been good. However a new issue is after using My DVD to add a menu and burn, ALL of my photo files (used in the production) from my C drive disappeared. Roxio Chat suggested my files were too large, as a possible sourch of the problem. I dont want to start the project again, with close to 500 photos and a few video clips, until I solve this mystery.
  7. jbirdwell

    Jpg Picture Size

    I am starting a project that will contain some 500 slides plus a few short videos and narration. Many of my picture files are 3 to 4 MB in size. Should I resize before usiing in Videowave.