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    Boom Box audio

    Thanks so much for answering. I've made several comparisons between my system preferences and those of Spin Doctor--I can find no obvious problem EXCEPT for the fact that I seem to have no real choices in my Mac. the output gives me the Built-in Audio; and the Input reads Audio line-in port. Next I may have to try the Apple site again, after I figure out what to call this dilemma. (I believe I am supposed to have options available, which just may be what you were referring to in your reply. In fact, except for a place to check "mute", there is little else. No, I haven't checked the mute. ) Needless to say, I still have no audio. Thanks again.
  2. alinde_omalley

    Boom Box audio

    I just tried, unsuccessfully, to use my new Boom Box. I have a Power PC Mac G4. The program indicates that the LP is recording in Spin Doctor, but I see no evidence of same in the upper right volume indicators. Nor can I hear the audio. I have tried both before and during the recording session--and no audio. I am using what I believe Apple folk refer to as the Monster cable--the same cable I have used to connect my iPod to my audio equipment. If this is the wrong cable, can anyone give me a more specific recommendation than the general one mentioned in the software help files? Or, has anyone been able to successfully use this Apple cable (which came with the Apple iPod connection kit.)