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  1. A little confused as to what I should be trying. Windows has no updates to install, HP Support assistant has no updates to install. This is a brand new laptop, with nothing more than the OS, Firefox, MS Office '97 and Roxio loaded (and all updates). I have not tried to run a repair from Roxio because nothing failed or gave error during the install. I can try that I guess but it will have to wait unfortunately until I return home where my disc is. For UAC it would be standard windows, I have not changed anything. The user is authorized, with modify, read & execute, read, write. I have tried to run VideoWave "as administrator". The user I am logged on to is the only user.
  2. I get the following error when I attempt to start VideoWave: "The Current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher, and the color quality to 16-bit or higher." The problem then exits. This version of VideoWave works fine on my Vista 64bit computer. I tried the recommendation in this thread because the problem seemed related but it did not work for me: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/68213-insufficient-video-resources/page__pid__361753#entry361753 I am currently at resolution 1920x1080, 32-bit. I have tried 1024x768 16bit and got the same error. I have also connected a 2nd monitor at 1920x1280, 32-bit and still get the error. I have attempted to run VideoWave "as administrator", and also in Vista 64bit, SP2 compatibility mode.. still get the error. My Setup: Roxio Creator 2011, service pack 1 VideoWave 13 Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, SP1 HP dv6 Notebook PC QJ912AV#ABA, Intel i7-2670QM, 2.20GHz 8GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 6490M - Intel HD Graphics 3000, Dedicated video memory 1280MB, total available 5093 MB.
  3. Blu-Rey

    My own personal rant with no information

    I must admit the OP has a point. I started with Creator 2009 and it was VERRRRRY error-prone as is 2011. It is buggy software and causes VERY frustrating issues. I am very thankful that there are those helping on this message board! Wish it were the actual Roxio team figuring out the answers instead of us however. We are all in the same boat, best we can do is explain our problems in detail and hopefully someone smarter will figure it out. So, to that, thank you all and have a great 2012!
  4. After another experiment I can be more precise. In MyDVD, with disc set to 50GB, A project of size 28385.3 MB as indicated within MyDVD created an .ISO that was 24532232KB. The .ISO did not work (no errors during creation, it just plays a black screen). The same project after I cut it down to 27858.2 MB created an .ISO that was 21,810,112KB. That .ISO works perfectly.
  5. Blu-Rey

    Has Anyone Created An .iso Larger Than 26Gb?

    Just to answer this directly - I HAVE been successful to create a ISO for 50GB disc (Disc size set to 50GB). HOWEVER the problem is the project (thus the resulting .ISO file) can not be larger than 25GB or it will not be a working .ISO file. That non-working .ISO file is created without error. It is what was happening in the past when I was making expensive coasters (not doing the create .ISO step 1st). I would never receive an error, then the disc would just play a black screen. To make it work, all I did was delete content until the project is using less than 26000 or so MB. Then it will create a successful .ISO file and it has burned to 50GB disc successfully. Obviously I am not able to utilize the full 50GB disc. It is a bummer but is better than me losing all the work I did to author the project. So I had to take my one project that was <40GB and I split it into two projects and have successfully burned them. I will continue to read up but I think I will explore other options (aka other software) when embarking on another project. Using 50GB discs and only getting to utilize 1/2 of the space kinda blows. Esp when I have DL capable hardware.
  6. Blu-Rey

    Has Anyone Created An .iso Larger Than 26Gb?

    I have Disc size set to 50GB, I am using 50GB discs. If I burn to an .ISO the ISO file CAN NOT be larger than 25 or so GB. If it is, the ISO will NOT WORK (if mounted and played). It will ALSO NOT WORK if burned. I GET ZERO ERRORS until playing, then I just get a black screen, no menus and no options. I have repeated this many times, and it is in fact what the problem was back with my older threads. Once I reduced the "used" MB size to < 26000 then I can easily burn a successful .ISO file, I have always had the Disc size option set to 50GB. You may recall last year when I set my 30-40GB project to "fit to disc" then set it to 25GB disc. The resolution was reduced obviously but it was a successful .ISO file and a successful disc burn.
  7. For the record, it was the play all button that was the problem (slideshow didnt work either, instead of creating a slide show I created my own video project with pictures that I drug in.. I then saved it as video file and imported it into MyDVD just as any other video file. The "slideshow" feature did not work for me without errors.
  8. I think I know what the OP is talking about. I noticed that my project created in 2009 was almost 1/2 the size when I simply loaded into 2011 and created an .ISO. What it did was ruin the aspect ratio and simply cut the resolution of the video. Previews looked great, you would ONLY notice this after creating the .ISO or burning it. This "mushing" of the video caused choppiness and wavy-ness because much of the data was missing. It caused me to go back to 2009 because I had fewer errors and it immediately resolved this issue. I will be watching this thread to see if the suggestions mentioned resolved the problem. This also happened when I created a new project in 2011 from scratch. Yet another VERY frustrating event. Note - creating an .ISO and mounting it to view is the best "test" method before burning. My hardware has a hard time with RE discs.. maybe newer hardware is better but instead of wasting money like I did trying different brands until you find something that finally works, just create the .ISO and mount it to view before burning.
  9. To skip the HOURS I have wasted and cut to the chase... I have basically found that I can not create a Blu-Ray .ISO larger than 26GB or so. MyDVD will create the .ISO without error, it can also burn it without error however it will NOT PLAY. For months I thought this was a hardware issue (disc or burner etc). Because I had invested so much time in editing the video and creating the project I was sunk. I revisited it several months later and upgraded from 2009 to Creator 2011. It did not solve the problem (it actually introduced more problems, as in changing the aspect ratio of some of the vids in my project). What it did do however is give me a reliable way to mount Blu-Ray .ISO files to make it easier to test them before burning. That is how I confirmed that the .ISO files greater than 26GB DO NOT WORK. If I simply reduce the amt of videos <26GB I then get a working .ISO. I have confirmed this with several combination of videos and several projects. How can this be an error since 2009 and not be fixed? If I am the only one with this problem what are some trouble shooting ideas? I hate that I can not use DL discs. Previous history of suffering here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/61810-has-anyone-ever-had-an-iso-file-that-did-not-work/
  10. So I spent another week trying all kinds of combination's. I finally have a way to mount the iso file (Creator 2011). I CAN NOT get a project larger than 25GB to work. Under 25 will create a usable .ISO and I am able to burn it to disc. But of course v2011 brings another problem. I was stupid and upgraded to 2011 thinking this would help. I can still only create ISO files under 25 GB and on top of that, randomly it changes the aspect ratios of my videos. When I view the projects individually they are correct, when I burn them (or create .iso) SOME change to 4:3. 2009 doesn't do this. Any hints? My goal is in 3 years time to get just one successful project done. Why can't I lock the aspect ratio? There is no place to set it.. only when you create the video project in myDVD.. they are set to 16:9 but Creator 2011 seems to ignore that.
  11. Hi all - well I am still trying to get this project to burn on 50GB disc. So my question still stands, has anyone ever gotten a 50GB ISO to actually work using Creator 2009? I receive no errors creating the .ISO, I have done it several times. I have tried 2 brands of players, 2 or more (memory fails) brands of discs. Spend HOURS and HOURS authoring this... and still don't have a disc I can use. Disc burns either end in error, or complete with no errors but I can't play them back.
  12. Jim is it still running or did you wife catch you? lol
  13. about 26hrs of nail biting fun.
  14. Jim, had a chance to try yet?
  15. Hi, the project reports used 52529.9MB, free 5910.1 MB (time remaining 00:51:13) when Blu-Ray 50GB is selected, High Quality.