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    I Want Photosuite 4 Platinum Edition

    Dear CDanteek, you seem to know about PhotoSuite, so I wonder if you could answer this question: Photosuite 4 and PhotoSuite 5: were both of these only in a Platinum edition? no stnadard? (was the platinum = the standard). BR. hanne
  2. Hi, having read many of the Forum's members' topics, I am confident that you might be able to help me. I have in vain search the internet for: 1) a list of release dates for cineplayer 2) a list of the 'development' of the names, fx: first it was Cineplay -> then it was CinePlayer with 3D -> .......? I am hoping that some of the experts in this forum might have pieces to the puzzles. THX
  3. I do not have Easy CD Creator 5, but my job is to place 'tags' on software strings found in our company deriving from 'Add/remove programs' on company PCs. Regarding "Easy CD Creator 5 ": does it require a license to have it installed? Thank you for helping me.
  4. Hi Does Roxio RecordNow Audio require a license? or is it bundled up in Roxio RecordNow? Is it a separate products? thank you.
  5. Hi i can see every where that Roxio RecordNow is a commercial product - however, I cannot find out baout Roxio RecordNow Copy? what is the difference between 'Roxio RecordNow Copy' and 'Roxio RecordNow'?? thank you.
  6. Could anybody please help me with these questions as I cannot seem to find the answers myself: 1) what is the difference between a "Roxio Easy Media Creator xx ( stand for number e.g. 9 or 10) LJ and the the same product but without the LJ??? 2) what is the difference between "Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 Basic Edition" and "Roxio Easy Media Creator 7" in licensing terms? Is the 'basic' edition free compared to the non-basic version?