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    cannot burn avchd

    I imported my video into advanced edit. I then went to my dvd to burn it to disc. A format came up asking what type of disc i wanted to burn. I chose avchd. Nothing happened. I then went to File and chose avchd from there. It asked me if i wanted to save it. ( Save what) and the save button was greyed out. I can burn a sd disc but thats all. I have 4gb memory so that should be alright. Can anyone help please. Seggy
  2. I have just installed Roxio 2010 deluxe. I have started to edit video HD. When I open up other programes within roxio and ask for video to be imported I find that all the scenes are duplicated. Am I doing something wrong or what.
  3. Thanks for your input. I seem to be making progress now. My next problem is when i have edited the video in ( Edit video Advanced ) I come to burn my project in vidoe wave. It gets about 9% into the burn then crashes. Can you help with this please. I have vista sp 2 installed. Seggy
  4. Hello again. Sorry about the delay replying. I have just got out of bed its 0700hrs here. My os by the way is Vista Home Premium. I will have a look at what you say and try it. I will then post what happened. Knowing me ill probally break the computor. Seggy As an after thought do you know if there is a Roxio 2010 for dummies book in your part of the world as there is nothing here.
  5. I recorded the HD vidoe on my Sony HD Handycam HDR XR105 onto its hard drive. I then downloaded it directly onto my computor via a usb cable. I then opened up Roxio 2010 deluxe into Video Wave so that i could edit the videos. The video downloaded to the right of the viewing screen called the media selector. I deleted all the videos i didnt want. The remainder were dragged and dropped into the storyline board at the bottom of the screen. As i dropped the video I had a notice appear which told me the video would have to be altered or words to that effect so that i could edit it. But the original would not be altered. I said ok. On going back to the media selector I found that i then had a copy of the selected video. Am i doing something wrong to cause this. If so what ?? and what can i do to stop it other than buy a program to delete duplicate pictures. Your views would be appreciated. I must add I am new to this program. Seggy.